Black Countess Albums

  • The Language Of Flesh Album (2/1/2006)
    The Scent Of A Screaming Woman
    For My Fallen Angel
    God Grant She Lies Still
    Of Octopus And Sodomizing Virgin
    The Mystery Of A Witching Forest
    Red Carnations And Bloodstained Lingerie

  • Carnivorous Romance Album (2/1/2003)
    Prologue / Royal Escort
    Majestic Countess
    A Melody Of Coming Nightmare
    Seduction And Defloration Of Eleanor
    Vampiric Nymphomania
    The Chamber Of Sapphic Vice
    Escape To Nowhere
    Last Chapter - Epilogue

  • Queen Of The Winter Album (2/1/2003)
    Through The Black Planets' Horizons
    Queen Of The Winter
    Behind The Great Wall Of Lud
    Little Girl And Nightmare
    In The Service Of The Evil Force
    Vampiric Nymphomania

  • Blood, Desire And Dead Nenuphars Album (2/1/2000)
    Female Masturbation For My Ill-Natured Pleasure
    Lesbian Moon
    Lustful Embrace Of Whore
    The Portrait
    Nocturnal Episode
    Vestal Part I (Flame Between Her Thighs)
    Princess With Mermaid's Soul
    Vestal Part II (Blood Between Her Thighs)
    Black Countess' Erotic Poetry

  • Child Of The Demonic Moon Album (2/1/1999)

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