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Travis Porter Black Boy White Boy Lyrics

Last updated: 05/09/2010 11:00:00 AM

Black boy, white boy
(White boy, white boy)
It's fucking gnarly dude
Black boy, white boy
White boy, white boy
Black boy, white boy

Black boy, white boy
Clean black boy, white boy clothes
Black boy, white boy style
Makes the black girl, white girl notice me
Everybody looking like what do I have on
If you wanna know just pay attention to dis song
Black boy (black boy, white boy)
White boy (black boy, white boy)
Black boy (black boy, white boy)
White boy (black boy, white boy)
Black boy (black boy, white boy)

[Verse 1:]
I'm versatile
Black boy, white boy style
They screaming at my show now the white hoes going wild
You can call me Mr. Porter
Black boy, white boy stitches
Eagle on my chest and my Levi britches
I think I'm addicted
Bitches blowing kisses
Bitches hit me gin and chrissy Travis porter chicken
Never wait in line, you're my black boy, white boy ticket
See me in the club throwing black boy, white boy riches


[Verse 2:]
White boy and I dress so sporty, man
Black boy white boy short like they sword is on me, man
And I'm super spiff, I point at the shorties when I dance
Why you walk like that because a horse is on my pants
Polo and American eagle
Fly like segal
The way I rock aerocrombie this shit should be illegal
I am a T. Porter boy
I'm tatted like a borter boy
Black boy, white boy shit, got them jumping out the water


[Verse 3:]
American eagle, a white boy outfit
Don't even say it that's some white boy type shit
But imma black boy
She wants a black boy
And that's a fact, boy
Look at my hat, boy
Nike boots and some Levi jeans
Mohawk on the side that's a white boy's thing
I'm spiffy I'm clean
Look at the cuff in my jeans
You're talking proper like king
Travis done did it again


[Verse 4:]
Now listen everybody
This here has been a Travis porter number one exclusive and me young quez strapped, and Ali
And this is the white boy talking but the black boy just came out, man
Aye, but fo real doe this is no way shape or form a racial slur
Fuck it, you feel me?
Black boy white boy, I'm spiffy
You know
Oh, she know
Black boy, white boy, black boy, white boy, black boy, white boy, black boy, white boy
Let go
Let go
Let go!

Hey, I black boy, white boy spiff, man

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