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ONE of the wildest vocalists in all of popular music, Bjork
Gudmundsdottir (known popularly simply as Bjork) has spent
most of her life creating artful, experimental music that
defies classification. Those who know her only by her solo
career may be surprised to learn that she released albums
with three separate bands prior to going it alone in 1993,
and in fact this eccentric and original talent has had some
measure of fame since she was sixteen.

When Bjork was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, it was not
immediately apparent that she More...

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Review about Bjork songs
Meaning | Reviewer: Clarity
    ------ About the song Bachelorette performed by Bjork

Her book,her life,is yet unwritten. She meets a man, who makes her feel complete. He builds her up, sells her, makes her sell herself, makes her believe in herself. She knows it is false and wants return to her inner self, true self. If you forget who you are, you will go astray. She is abondoned, symptoms, sick with him, at his manipulation. He pulls away, she clings and realizes he is an illusion. The book is now empty, she is hollow from the loss of the dream. She throws down the book, the false story, and returns to her true and happy state.

Electric shocks, I love them! | Reviewer: YiddishMafia
    ------ About the song Possibly Maybe performed by Bjork

I love this song because it hits the nail about a love of mine...but for years I thought it was "possibly maybe, probably not." so what joy it brought to find that when I turned again to these lyrics in "remembrance" of him when he came around again that it was actually "probably love"

Such a truth | Reviewer: Shahla
    ------ About the song All Is Full Of Love performed by Bjork

Love this song.

I feel it means all has been made by love. And love is the building blocks of everywhere and the universe has made everything with the force of Love. You can see this in this beautiful song video.

And then the songs says that you will also have your portion of love in this universe, Just trust it!

nature of the scorpios...explain all :) | Reviewer: tsu
    ------ About the song Pagan Poetry performed by Bjork

she's a scorpio, so do i....this song reflects what is all about in our heart.about love, passion, so sexually addicted to this song,because that's what scorpios truly are, we may seem calm and cold on the outside, but god only knows the turbulence desire inside, its in the lyric,

On the surface simplicity
But the darkest pit in me
It's pagan poetry

... | Reviewer: ...
    ------ About the song Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches & Guacamol Remix) performed by Bjork

sorry about this... when you are reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! My name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair,many scars no nose or ears..i am dead. if you dont copy this just like from the ring, on 5 more sites.. or..i will appear one dark quiet night when your not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill you. this is no joke something good will happen to you if uoi post this on 5 more pages

pacience | Reviewer: alex
    ------ About the song Unravel performed by Bjork

thank you baro for your comment, i needed that. i actually felt the grin inside...?review? pacient and unexplainable love. dont look for it, its there, dont get scared, dont dought. Pacience.

'How Scandinavian of me' | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hunter performed by Bjork

I think the video is clear. The bear symbolizes the power against and toughness of nature. She perseveres.

I think the Scandinavian reference about her coming from the open society of Iceland. I think when she launched herself into the industry she had a naive mindset and experiences a change. "I thought I could organize >freedom< (musical expression)" she underestimated the difficulty of creative process, how it influences other people. Which is why the sounds of Debut/Post (which was more romantic) is very different to Homogenic (more passionate themes). Yes, it's amazing to see how all her songs connect to her life/stories, so poetically.

Bjork sings Harmonie | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Harm of Will performed by Bjork

I think this song is about immigration. Because she sings about a man about town. She must sense that there is a foreigner in town. and I see that in the last part of the song. That she leaves the naked lady alone and the pith as I imagine is fruit. And then the part about "He" controls what there'll be is as I imagine is God. Or maybe a God. The thing that I do not understand about the last part is that if he shows his face "lover?" then how are they going to know "me". Is "me" Bjork? Actually this whole song happens in my head like in a corner of a meadow. But if you listen to the whole song, this song is probably about just leaving things be, maybe there is a wisdom that may occur at a time in the future. It is really an interesting song too. The strings sound very nice. I used to think that Bjork wrote this song on her own, but she sings the lyrics very nicely, like she makes them her own.

forbidden love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pagan Poetry performed by Bjork

this is about forbidden love really. a torn and painful realization that the one who actually stirred her up, her body, her heart, her soul from hibernation, is the one that she cannot have, and so she centers all her energies and efforts into encounters that can only be seen in secret codes, morse codes, and yes, even the crooked five fingers, whose pattern on her palm is unmatchable by any other handshakes. all that pain and pleasure rolled in that one handshake. all that hurt and lust which managed to be enclosed into the darkest pit in her, which can only be decoded as a vague blueprint amidst a surface seemingly simple, that is why it is pagan poetry, because it is beautiful and yet, pagan, raw, and even primal, and thus, forbidden or unacceptable in hegemony.

possible meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pagan Poetry performed by Bjork

I think this song is about preparation for a halfhearted marriage.

She knows the man is in love with her, and somehow he has coaxed her into a lovelike trance with him, but in the first stanza she begins to explore the inner stirrings that are trying to tell her that this isn't what she really wants. But his caring nature makes her want to "hand herself over" to him, to surrender herself.

Black lillies are symbolic of depth, mystery, and sometimes even deceit. Their ripeness may suggest the dire consequences of her actions should she follow through with the marriage.

His crooked handshake whose pattern that has yet to be matched by her represents the idea that he's coming into this commitment with a whole different mindset than hers.

Pagan isn't only a noun concerning religion, but also an synonym for "hedonist", or one that pursues pleasure. At the heart of her being, she wants pleasure, and though she wants to keep to herself, to belong to herself and be hers to give away to others as she pleases, this man's enticing makes her want to give herself to him as well.

So at the surface, it appears so simple, that she's in love with him, and that he is in love with her, but a secret war is going on in her heart that will determine whether she will give herself away or not.

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