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Astarte Bitterness Of Mortality (Mecoman) Lyrics

Last updated: 04/30/2004 07:46:25 PM

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While secrets kept my sorrow
I crowned all senses of innocent strength
Bellow stands nature's hands
Feel the never without you.

Seven times away
Seven tears remain
Symbol scarves my pain
A tear drifts away
Time counts my way
Stars born my fate

My cave of tears
Sounds as they fall
Like lake ?of tears

Alone stand in shadows
Reborn from the grave
Bitterness of mortality
I cry for my fate
My face drift away
I can never escape

Grow smaller away your heart
My cave of tears
Sounds as they fall
Like lake of tears

While secrets kept my sorrow
Feel the never without you!!!


Worse than death can be only real life?
And the pain hurts deep in the heart?
What remains, is the ashes and the wounds drift away.

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