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Binocular Biography

Last updated: 12/31/2001 07:53:34 AM

Born and raised in NYC, age 22.

In 1990, featured in Guitar World magazine at age 14 and later managed by GW editors for band project.

At 15, wrote and performed the score for an off Broadway production of Salome.

In 1992, played in downtown clubs such as CBGB,Bond Street,& Continental with the band,"Paint".
Also, played many solo acoustic/vocal shows at CB抯 Gallery and Sine.

In 1995/1996, began producing electronic music in such styles as Drum & Bass and House.

"Binocular:One Expression EP" was released on Strictly Rhthym records as well as remixes of "Bliss". Both received excellent reviews in Mixmag and DMA.

"In The Mix:Drum and Bass" out on Cold Front/K-tel, features tracks written and produced by Binocular as does "DJ Mix ?8:Drum and Bass" out on Beast/Simitar.
Leftfield's "Original" remixes (out on Sony Music) feature his guitar playing.

These songs were written, performed, and produced by Binocular.