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One of the greatest singers of the Twentieth Century, Bing
was born Harry Lillis Crosby in Tacoma, Washington, on May
3, 1903.* In 1906, his family moved to Spokane. He received
his nickname during childhood when friends began calling
him after the lead character in the comic strip ''The
Bingville Bugle.''

In 1920, Bing entered Gonzaga College to study law. His
career choice changed after he bought a mail-order set of
drums and joined a local group called The Musicaladers,
managed by Al Rinker. When the group broke up in 1925, Bing More...

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Review about Bing Crosby songs
Ain't nobody calling | Reviewer: Ed Dodrill
    ------ About the song Who Calls? performed by Bing Crosby

This web sight has lyrics to the songs that Bing Crosby had everyone singing. If you print them out they are in microscopic type so you need those glasses that are really binoculars that they sell on TV. To make it worse, the lyrics to "Who Calls,?" are not available. Instead they have the lyrics to "The Last Roundup." under the title, "Who Calls." Apparently they don't proof read their own work because they believe they can not make a mistake. Boy, are they wrong. On the bright side, there are other sites with the lyrics you want. Keep searching. Ed

Cents from Heaven | Reviewer: Zookie
    ------ About the song Pennies From Heaven performed by Bing Crosby

I've always wondered it this is a British song, because the U.S.A. has no pennies in circulation! We have One Cent coins. The word "pennies" is a diminutive form of "pence", a British coin with a value of about two Cents. You may think that this fact has no practical significance, but if you collect an umbrella full of Pennies, you will have to take them to a foreign currency exchange.
We patriotic Americans need some Cents from heaven.
Thanks for reading. These seemingly useless comments on the song lyrics make it possible for services like Sing365 to continue publishing copyrighted lyrics under the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Act, so keep making critical, spiritual, historical or political comments on the lyrics.

Ah sweet memories | Reviewer: Elaina
    ------ About the song Swinging on A Star performed by Bing Crosby

My mother resides in a nursing home and we often play her kind of music to cheer her. Having advanced dementia, she cannot enjoy much of daily life. Once we played this song, she began to laugh and sing along. It was so wonderful to see her "come to life" and appreciate the humor of the tune. Thanks, Bing!

You Are My Sunshine | Reviewer: Kandi Montgomery
    ------ About the song You Are My Sunshine performed by Bing Crosby

I love this song! When I tried to text the lyrics to my phone I all I got was a MP3 company I was upset! It was misleading & upseting I don't want some MP3 I just wanted my lyrics!!! Please text them to me @ 1-720-302-3029. The song is Your Are My Sunshine written by Meat Loaf. I'm not tryin to be difficult I just want & need my lyrics!!! I'm sorry. I hope we can correct this!! Thank you for your time. Sincerly Kandi Montgomery

A Perverse Love Dance | Reviewer: Prof. Bianca Nero
    ------ About the song I Surrender, Dear performed by Bing Crosby

This is a very unusual song of apology and submission. In an attempt to seduce, the singer confesses to having once pretended to be gay in an attempt to win the beloved. Apparently, the desired one was attracted to homosexuals but when she or he discovered the other was heterosexual s/he rejected him. S/he also hints that during their relationship they engaged in "mean little things" before their breakup.This is either an American reference to S&M or the word "mean" is being used in the British sense, meaning "parsimonious" ? Whatever the action, I find this love dance oddly perverse.

It's Easy to Remember | Reviewer: Violet Luft
    ------ About the song It's Easy To Remember performed by Bing Crosby

Thank you so much for these lyrics. I love the songs that I grew up with; especially the 40's and 50's; the lyricists were excellent then as opposed to the present time when songs are simply one line in various forms. Bing Crosby was not the composer tho, was he? Who actually composed this song ?

My Name | Reviewer: Sierra Sue Gordon
    ------ About the song Sierra Sue performed by Bing Crosby

My Great Grandmother named me after this song. I was born in 1983 and I was susposed to be a boy. My parents didn't know what to name me so they asked my Great Grandmother to name me. My Great Grandmother will be 86 this year and she is still going strong.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Here Comes Santa Claus performed by Bing Crosby

this guy did a awesome job im mean the lyrics are so wow they totally caputure the mood of the song and holiday oh and the season to. DUDE YOU ROCK!!!

I got plenty O nuttin...Is the Best!! | Reviewer: Brittany Champion
    ------ About the song I Got Plenty O’ Nuthin’ performed by Bing Crosby

When I first heard that I had to sing this song I was not to happy. I didnt wanna do it and I was bored. Somebody told me the story and I began to feel the song a bit more. The I lost my house to a fire, most people would be so upset but me I started singin the song, it gave me a little hope. Now our house is being re-built and we'll be moving back in next week.

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