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What could a recording artist who has sold millions of
albums, performed for sellout crowds and racked up hit
after hit possibly have left to prove? For Clay Walker, the
answer is nothing. And everything.
Interesting, then, that a singer and songwriter who has
been one of country’s most consistent hit-makers over the
last decade is preparing for the most important release of
his career. Could it be because the Texan finds himself
working with a new record company after the abrupt closure
of his previous label? Or is it the deepening More...

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AWqwWTWueG | Reviewer: Benjamin
    ------ About the song Down To My Last Cigarette performed by Billy Walker

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waiting for a train review | Reviewer: Ron Rowley
    ------ About the song Waiting For A Train performed by Billy Walker

Jimmie Rogers was the author of this piece of Music and his version and still another version differ to the one you have only by a word here or there, mostly in adding or eliminating minor words.

In the first verse, Jimmy Rogers says the guy is sleeping in the rain, but that makes little sense when the next line that says he walks up to the brakeman.

Also, Rogers refers to Texas as a place rather than a state.

Finally, although this has nothing to do with the lyrics, but more on how the song is sung, there is a little yodel that occurs following "slammed the boxcar door", "back to dixieland", and the last line in the song.

BTW, the song was written in 1929 at the start of the great depression.

In closing, for some reason, I always liked this song and for years (before the internet) it seemed to haunt me when trying to remember the lyrics.

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