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The band originally formed as Pezz in 1993, when vocalist
Ben Kowalewicz, guitarist Ian D'Sa, bassist Jon Gallant,
and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk, met at the same high school
in Streetsville, Ontario. They released a few independent
recordings and caught the attention of Juno-nominated
producer Brad "Merlin" Nelson, with whom a full-length CD,
"Watoosh," was recorded in 1998.

After toiling in indie rock obscurity and many repeated
cycles through the Toronto club circuit, the quartet
changed its name to "Billy Talent" in late 1999 More...

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Submit Billy Talent New Lyrics

Review about Billy Talent songs
Awesome! | Reviewer: Sophia Finch Malfoy
    ------ About the song Fallen Leaves performed by Billy Talent

I know I'm a bit outdated cuz I don't really like punk rock last time but after hearing this song, I AM SO ADDICTED. I really love the lyrics. At first I didn't really get it but upon reading it carefully, I realised it's about drug addiction. And it really fits! Like " can't get no job, can you spare a dime? Just one more hit, and I'll be fine. I swear to god, thiis'll be my one last time..."
It's really true. With any unhappiness, drug addicts will want to get high to smother all the pain. And since they are addicted, they always seem to swear that that will be their one last time!
And it also highlights how as people get addicted, they slowly become disconnected to the people they know, they love. "I left my friends, or did they just leave me..." And the tone is haunting, but catchy, and simply marvellous at the same time!

And to George, I don't this this is gay. I think it's pretty awesome and meaningful. Just because it's about drug addiction, it doesn't mean it's gay. I mean obviously better than all the songs about love and sex we have in the pop rock industry nowadays yea?

most emotional song ever | Reviewer: Luke
    ------ About the song Diamond On A Landmine performed by Billy Talent

I randomly found this Song when i was living through the the Same shit, holy fuck, i can relate to this so hard. This Song just spoke directly out of my heart. When i heard the verse with 'you said we we're meant to be', i started to fucking cry. And Yes, im a Boy.

The thing is, its never going to be the Same again, even if you can win her back.

beautiful song | Reviewer: camila
    ------ About the song Nothing to Lose performed by Billy Talent

is one of the best songs I've heard, but also for fully describing my life, it is difficult to raise in some occasions and continue as if nothing happened ..... walk around the school hallways or judge hearing rumors for being different .. get home and be completely the same
sometimes find hope in my cutters is the only hope

Thanksgiving is a beautiful song

Truth Music | Reviewer: I Am Awake!
    ------ About the song Worker Bees performed by Billy Talent

I love all Billy Talents songs, it seems they know what the agenda of the New World Order is. A lot of musicians are puppets of the illuminati, but I believe that Billy Talent are on the side of truth, like "Rage Against the Machine" - their music and music videos are so true, I feel optimistic watching them! Another band is "Enter Shikari" and "Serg Tankian" of "System Of A Down". If anyone out their reading this are still in any doubt about 9/11 and 7/7 (United Kingdom) check out the evidence and you will discover that they were inside jobs/false flag operations carried out by the government and intelligence agencies to further the agenda of the NWO. Listen to Alex Jones of, David icke and Ian R Crane (Geopolitical researcher). Check out: Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, Vaccines-Toxic ingredients, Fluoride, GMOs, Microwave weaponry, WIFI, Cell phone & Smart Meters, FEMA Camps & Coffins, The Georgia Guidestones, Freemen/Sovereign Movement, False Flag Operations, Project for New American Century PNAC, Bohemian Grove, Cremation of Care, THRIVE (Movie on YouTube-A great introduction to this by Foster Gamble) and more but one thing leads to another - IT'S ALL CONNECTED!!! WE MUST "WAKE UP". Peace and Love to All.

This is definitely a title well deserved! | Reviewer: miss joy
    ------ About the song Red Flag performed by Billy Talent

miss joy

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He brought Back my lover.. | Reviewer: John Badton
    ------ About the song Red Flag performed by Billy Talent

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thanks for the song. | Reviewer: jasmine
    ------ About the song Nothing to Lose performed by Billy Talent

so i guess im not the only one im always left out im like a dark shadow roaming the halls in school, most of my friends are boys i can call my self the kinda of girl that is to shy to talk i just want to sit there and just not worry about anything.Most girls don't like me because im always wearing black and i never talk. So what if i like to be in rooms that never have light. All that i want to do is be in a room that's dark and stare into midair. It's worst for me because im in high school and all girls suck.

billy talent | Reviewer: Michael Williams
    ------ About the song Lies performed by Billy Talent

billy talent is an awkward type of genius and i've loved them since they were PEZ, but i gotta agree with Bas and say this was their worst song. mainly because they try to stray away from their "norm", and the song itself, lyrically, is childish compared to their other songs. it truly lacks depth

Afraid | Reviewer: Alexandra
    ------ About the song Devil In A Midnight Mass performed by Billy Talent

first time I listened to this song I was alone in my room and it was midnight so when he started to whisper I had to stop the song, look my back, be sure that anybody was going to kill me, and then go ahead with the song. SO EPIC. I LOVE THEIR F****SONG.

Songs of Billy Talent | Reviewer: Punkaa
    ------ About the song The Navy Song performed by Billy Talent

Billy Talent is my favorite band, I like all their songs, I'm going to make me tattoo of lyrics of this song, because I believe that it is my favorite song, and the tattoo i will make is
« Beneath The Sky Of Hate, Beyond The Sea Of Pain
In Heaven I Will Wait, Until We Meet Again. »
On my feet

( Sorry for my english, i'm a french girl )

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