Billy Squier Albums

  • Happy Blue Album (9/15/1998)
    Happy Blues
    The Pursuit Of Happiness
    She Will
    Grasping For Oblivion
    If You Would Hate Me Less, I’d Love You More
    Stroke Me Blues
    More Than Words Can Say
    Inferno (Everybody Cries Sometimes)
    Long Way To Fall

  • Tell The Truth Album (4/27/1993)
    Tryin' To Walk A Straight Line
    Rhythm (A Bridge So Far)
    Lovin' You Ain't So Hard
    Time Bomb
    Stranger To Myself
    The Girl's All Right
    Break Down
    Not A Color
    Mind Machine
    Shocked Straight

  • Creatures Of Habit Album (12/1/1991)
    Young At Heart
    She Goes Down
    Conscience Point
    Nerves On Ice
    Hands Of Seduction
    Facts Of Life
    (L.O.V.E.) Four Letter Word
    Strange Fire
    Alone In Your Dreams (Don't Say Goodbye)

  • Hear & Now Album (12/1/1989)
    Rock Out / Punch Somebody
    Don't Say You Love Me
    Don't Let Me Go
    Tied Up
    (I Put A) Spell On You
    Mine Tonite
    The Work Song
    Your Love Is My Life

  • Enough Is Enough Album (12/1/1986)
  • Signs Of Life Album (12/1/1984)
  • Emotions In Motion Album (12/1/1982)
  • Don't Say No Album (12/1/1981)
  • Tale Of The Tape Album (6/1/1980)

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