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BORN: May 9, 1949, Hicksville, Long Island, NY

Billy Joel was born William Martin Joel on May 9, 1949 in
Bronx, New York. As a young child, his family moved to
Levittown, a suburban housing development on Long Island in
New York State. Billy discovered classical music at the age
of four, a love that has stayed with him to the present
day. Billy's early classical piano training provided him
with a strong foundation for his future career.

Among his early influences, Billy lists Ray Charles, The
Beatles, Dave Brubeck, Sam Cooke, the More...

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Review about Billy Joel songs
Least compelling argument ever | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song Only The Good Die Young performed by Billy Joel

So, the narrator has this to say:

I drink and take drugs. I Get into fights, am obnoxious, crude, rude, don't care how anyone else feels, and I'm horny. Oh, yes, I'm as ugly physically as I am emotionally, so you don't have to worry about me treating you as though this will be a relationship of any kind. So, since you're going to have sex at some point in your life, have it with me, because I am a disgusting bundle of unrestrained impulses who doesn't even care if you enjoy it.

Wow. Wonderful argument Mr. Narrator. The only redeem phrase in the song is that Virginia's mother won't say a prayer for him. He shouldn't feel bad about this, though, since Mother Theresa probably wouldn't say a prayer for such an irredeemable puddle of human excrement.

I hate that the tune is so catchy and sticks in the mind, but the lyrics are...inexcusable.

Bittersweet Memories | Reviewer: Lina
    ------ About the song Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) performed by Billy Joel

Dear Maddy: I lost my dad to cancer when I was 13; it was heartbreaking, and this song comforts me when I hear it. It reminds me that he is still here with me, and I hope you can remember good things about your dad as well. Be at peace.

The song | Reviewer: Enrique
    ------ About the song Scenes from an Italian Restaurant performed by Billy Joel

What I think is that I dont know if the story is true or not, I love the song becouse the music, it has jazz, band, rock and roll, rock, balad, starts slow and then goes up in a diferent rhythm, sax, piano, clarinet and I dont know what else, for me is one of the best song of BJ, this is why I never get tire of it, when ever i play it, I melt with the song, and walk it from the beginning to the end....simply spectacular

Memories | Reviewer: Maddy
    ------ About the song Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel) performed by Billy Joel

I say this song about 3 years ago and it reminded me a lot of the many emotions I felt when I lost my father to suicide. Billy Joel thank you for such a beautiful song that has touched the hearts of many and brought with it the hopes of tomorrow. The first time I sang this song I made a promise to myself to sing this to my children at night.

Alexa | Reviewer: Mari O'Neill
    ------ About the song The Downeaster "Alexa" performed by Billy Joel

Love this means different things to different people......I am a long islander and to me it means the difficulty the fishermen have had to deal sad!!! Billy Joel has always had a soft spot for the fisherman and this song is truly his way of expressing his is heartfelt and you know he has thoughts for these people. His way of sharing is to write a song about it. Every time I hear this song, it brings tears to my eyes. Having grown up in a fishing village (Freeport) I understand the pain and anguish these fisher people feel. Too sad but love that he saw an issue and expressed it.

Heard 37 years ago, Understand and believe 37 years later. | Reviewer: Keith17112
    ------ About the song You're My Home performed by Billy Joel

Yesterday I was visiting a spiritual counselor with the love of my life. The counselor turned to me and my lady and said that for me my love for her is my home. I immediately thought of this song and sang it to her in the car. No song could possibly capture and express my feelings for her as does this one. I heard this song sung in person by Mr. Joel nearly 37 years ago and marveled at its beauty. Today I revel in its truth and wrap myself in the joy my lady brings to me.

Why can't we all just... get along? | Reviewer: The Graystar
    ------ About the song The Downeaster "Alexa" performed by Billy Joel

So yeah, I live in Darwin, Australia, and have been fishing only a handful of times in my life. Not a fan (of fishing) to be honest with you all.
But this song speaks to me as a man, not as a fisherperson.
And the places, regardless of whether they're real, fictional, mythological or allegorical, give a real sense of grounding to the listener; it's a real experience regardless of whether you've 'been to the places' he sings about.
I think the folks who are arguing black and blue about contextual accuracies have lost some sight of the storytelling that music is. Not all of Joel's songs are even factual - he openly acknowledges this in songs such as "Goodnight Saigon". Having never been to war, he wrote about the experience nonetheless. So whether this song is grounded fully in geographical accuracies are moot arguments in my opinion, especially to someone like me who will likely never set foot on Long Island.
But does that mean the song has less meaning to me than it does for a Long Island local? If you believe that, then you really underestimate the power of poetry, art, songwriting, etc. This song speaks to me on many levels, and not one of them has anything to do with fishing striped bass or swordfish.
To the poster who asked if this song is on any of his albums, the answer is yes. It's on the 'Storm Front' album - an album that is quite literally awash with nautical themes (as well as war, isolation, broken hearts and the general state of the world today).
So whether you're from Long Island or Darwin or Phucket, this song has every right to mean something to you. And if you've never been to Long Island, then this song by proxy will mean something different to you than it will for a Long Island local. But please people - let's not mistake a geographical location for enlightenment. If we start doing that, then I won't be able to sing 'Carolina in my mind' by James Taylor anymore, as I've never been there either... but that doesn't mean I don't want to go there in my mind, especially when singing James Taylor songs of the same name!

Loved it!!! | Reviewer: Suyash Dayal
    ------ About the song We Didn't Start The Fire performed by Billy Joel

I just totally love this song!! The lyrics are so innovative and the music truly brilliant... Billy Joel is a musical genius... Hands down, this is one of his best songs......
Thank you, Billy for writing this fabulous song

Keywords: "Always a Woman" | Reviewer: Judy
    ------ About the song She's Always A Woman performed by Billy Joel

I see this song as B. Joel's or any man's compilation of thoughts on how women can be in the eyes or in the lives of men. If one looks closer at the lyrics on every stanza, the probability that each of this depicts different women is high enough. It could've been based on past experiences with quite a number of women - seeing the good and the bad side of her unique individuality. Bottom line is, women can be as crazy as mad cows and as sane and pure as angels from heaven but the fact remains - she will always be the woman that a man wants and needs in order to go through life till the end of his days. For what is a man without a woman? Going back to the very beginning of life: God saw that the man was lonely so He created a woman for him. Sane or insane, she is always a woman to him!

Just a quick note/comment | Reviewer: Hannah
    ------ About the song The Downeaster "Alexa" performed by Billy Joel

I scrolled down to read the comments and interpretations of the lyrics to this incredible song. Naturally, I expect that people will argue over silly things - that their interpretation is the 'correct' one etc.
Interpretations are based off an individuals experience of the song, as well as their knowledge about the context of the song. They are specific to an individual and are more than often given to enlighten others and encourage discussion.
Please don't put other people down by making fun of their intellect; a judgement based off a small entry on a website regarding an amazing song. You make me worry for humanity.
On the other hand.. how everyone else has handled these people is astonishing. Kudos to all of you. So much diffusion of anger and understanding. Hope is restored in humanity.
Anyway. I just felt like sharing that with everyone. My partner loves this song - he played it in the car on a roadtrip the other week, and I instantly fell for it. Apparently it is possible to fall for songs. It's funny that as a huge Billy Joel fan, I hadn't heard it before..
Billy Joel, making people feel things they didn't know they could feel since forever.

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