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BORN: May 9, 1949, Hicksville, Long Island, NY

Billy Joel was born William Martin Joel on May 9, 1949 in
Bronx, New York. As a young child, his family moved to
Levittown, a suburban housing development on Long Island in
New York State. Billy discovered classical music at the age
of four, a love that has stayed with him to the present
day. Billy's early classical piano training provided him
with a strong foundation for his future career.

Among his early influences, Billy lists Ray Charles, The
Beatles, Dave Brubeck, Sam Cooke, the More...

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Review about Billy Joel songs
    ------ About the song Leningrad performed by Billy Joel

An American living in Britain for 41 years, I recently went "home" to N.Y. state and bought a Billy Joel CD. For some reason had never heard the song Leningrad before. My grandparents were Hungarian passing through Ellis Island just before the First World War. The words are so poignant & make me think how it was for people who couldn't escape the chaos of any war and to keep their family safe. I remember the practice air raids under our desks at school in the 1950's and how I used to wake up frightened at night thinking we were being bombed. It was real scaremongering.

That's my Aunt | Reviewer: Jack Callahan
    ------ About the song Only The Good Die Young performed by Billy Joel

My Aunt is The girl in that song. You, see my Aunt went to school with Billy and a few years later he wrote the song and My aunt was a little mad at him. Then one day Billy asked her for Lunch and my Aunt asked why he wrote the song. Billy said that my Aunt had a crush on her but he was to shy to tell her. So they became friends but one night Billy called my Aunt and said that im sorry then he hung up. My aunt was supposed to see him at his concert but she couldn't. so my Aunt is the girl he's talking about

Impossible | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song And So It Goes performed by Billy Joel

This is about an impossible love. The heart break is not over a loss of a love, but rather, the impossibility of a love; "as if the choice were mine to make." It's a sad piece, filled with melancholy sentiments: "And every time I touched a rose, it seems I only felt the thorn." As thoughtful as its message is, I don't believe it was ever delivered. The tone is too reticent to suggest any such closure.

OUTSTANDING! | Reviewer: RafDaddy
    ------ About the song Goodnight Saigon performed by Billy Joel

Billy Joel has summarized the Marine experience in Vietnam exactly as it was.

My boot camp was in San Diego rather the PI. Came out of boot camp ready to fight. Arrived in Nam in November 67 just in time to get on the DMZ from Gio Lin to Khe Sahn for TET the end of January 1968. This song brings me to tears with memories of all of the brave Marines that I served with and will always remain my brother. I will attend a Reunion of survivors of my unit in a weak and I intend to bring this song with me. It did not matter if they were black or white, drafted or enlisted, drank or smoked. When things hit the fan we were all brothers and our job was to make sure we all survived. Thank Billy for this outstanding tribute.

Story man | Reviewer: Shadow
    ------ About the song The Downeaster "Alexa" performed by Billy Joel

I love Billy Joel His writing of stories and putting music to it has made him the all time great of Music. I have always considered Joel the Story man

Not a fan | Reviewer: Lou Lou
    ------ About the song She's Always A Woman performed by Billy Joel

I thought at first he had feelings for a child, then decided he his just transferring his feelings of inadequacy. To describe a woman as a child, a thief and someone who can be forgiven because she is a woman sounds like the ramblings of an insecure and misguided man. It seems to be in the same genre as Dolly Partons song "stand by your man".

A reality to me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She's Always A Woman performed by Billy Joel

I knew a woman back in my mid twenties that hook me like the lyrics say. I never stopped loving her. We have reunited and hope to spend the rest of our lives together. That was 36 years ago. She will always be a woman to me.

    ------ About the song Goodnight Saigon performed by Billy Joel

I went to a Billy Joel concert tonight and was dismayed at the crowd reaction to this song, a reaction of nationalism culminating in cries of "USA USA" - the song is NOT about thanking the Viet Nam vets for their service, calling them heroes, or shouting "USA USA" (the last is for the olympics but not war) but about thrusting them into a war whose purpose was not clear to our leaders or from them, and then treating the Vietnam vets like garbage when they came back including not providing the same type of GI benefits as my dad had from WWII (not a war, just a conflict). For that, we don't owe them thanks as much as an apology and asking if we can help them in any way.

    ------ About the song Allentown performed by Billy Joel

I have resisted being defined by pop music but so many of Billy Joel's songs speak the truth about what the people in my generation experienced. We knew the shutdown of the steel mills would be putting iron miners out of work and eventually auto workers. We didn't want to believe it would happen but we knew it would. Another song that clearly defines my life is Dire Straits 'Telegraph Road'. It tells about the rise and fall of Detroit. Still brings tears to my eyes 30 years later.

Many in my generation never made it to what our old man had. Our kids will not reach what we were able to eak out. Greed is one of the main roots of evil.

what brings us together | Reviewer: M.S. Woodley
    ------ About the song Just The Way You Are performed by Billy Joel

this song demonstrates the tell tale signs of having more incommon with your fellow man. sexism,classism,racism- at the end or the day WE have more incommon; human emotion and vibing off of Billy's song is where its at. hands down one of the greatest songs written simply do to our common human emotion. Thanks Billy!

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