Billy Joel Albums

  • Sing-A-Long Album (10/27/1998)
    Just The Way You Are
    She's Always A Woman
    The Longest Time
    The River Of Dreams
    We Didn't Start The Fire

  • The Bridge Album (10/20/1998)
    Running On Ice
    This Is The Time
    A Matter Of Trust
    Modern Woman
    Baby Grand
    Big Man On Mulberry Street
    Code Of Silence
    Getting Closer

  • Glass Houses Album (10/20/1998)
    You May Be Right
    Sometimes A Fantasy
    Don't Ask Me Why
    It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
    All For Leyna
    I Don't Want To Be Alone
    Sleeping With The Television On
    C'etait Toi (You Were The One)
    Close To The Borderline
    Through The Long Night

  • Greatest Hits Volume III Album (8/19/1997)
    All About Soul
    And So It Goes
    An Innocent Man
    A Matter Of Trust
    Baby Grand
    Hey Girl
    I Go To Extremes
    Keeping The Faith
    Light As The Breeze
    Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
    The Downeaster "Alexa"
    The River Of Dreams
    This Is The Time
    To Make You Feel My Love
    We Didn't Start The Fire

  • The River Of Dreams Album (8/10/1993)
  • Storm Front Album (10/1/1989)
  • Kohuept Album (10/1/1987)
  • Greatest Hits Volume II Album (1/1/1985)
  • Greatest Hits Volume I Album (1/1/1985)
  • An Innocent Man Album (8/1/1983)
  • The Nylon Curtain Album (9/1/1982)
  • Songs In The Attic Album (9/1/1981)
  • 52nd Street Album (10/1/1978)
  • The Stranger Album (9/1/1977)
  • Turnstiles Album (5/1/1976)
  • Streetlife Serenade Album (1/1/1974)
  • Piano Man Album (11/1/1973)
  • Cold Spring Harbor Album (1/1/1971)

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    Reviews about Billy Joel albums

    fabulous | Reviewer: eduard
        ------ About the album Songs In The Attic performed by Billy Joel

    Don't know exactly how this album ended up in my hands when I was 20 but I agree with miranda that it is a masterpiece full of beautiful melodies, outstanding lyrics and great emotion. My favorite song: say goodbye to hollywood and miami 2017.
    I've always wondered where were the songs recorded, as they don't seem to belong to the same concert.

    Great Album | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album 52nd Street performed by Billy Joel

    Even though I did not grow up in the era Billy Joel was popular, I still think he's an awesome musician. All the songs on the album are pretty good. Of course, "My Life" and "Big Shot" were big hits, but I also respect all the others on here. My favorite from this album would probably be "Half a Mile Away" because the music is so catchy. I really wished this kind of music would still be popular this day. With today's rap music, you can barely understand what they're singing and it's really annoying.

    Hi again | Reviewer: miranda
        ------ About the album Songs In The Attic performed by Billy Joel

    Hi it's me again miranda, I'm the one who wrote the first review. Just wanted to say that i actually wrote a letter to Billy joel; don't know if it is there yet but i hope hes reading it right now! For anyone else who would like to write to the piano man just a tip; send the letter through columbia records cause that's his record company and im sure they have his address.

    The piano man | Reviewer: miranda
        ------ About the album Songs In The Attic performed by Billy Joel

    Im not going to say anything less of what this album truly is. Billy joel's "songs in the attic" is a masterpiece of wonderful music and beautiful voices from a man who in my opinion the world couln't do with out. Such classics as "captain jack" (which shows how your life can be turned upside-down if you take drugs) and "the ballad of billy the kid" are displayed in this wonderful CD. This album is a must have that your music collection wouldn't be complete without.

    The greatest eva! | Reviewer: miranda
        ------ About the album Greatest Hits Volume II performed by Billy Joel

    I may not be a profetional music critic but i can say the about said CD. In my opinion this is the piano man's BEST album he has ever had the courage to create. From "uptown girl" to "still rock and roll to me" this album takes you from pumpin' 80's rock to soft sweet ballads of love and happyness, and everything in between! I have been listening to this album on my car ride to high school every day for the past 2 months and i think all billy joel fans will agree when i say that this album never getts old and never ceases to amaze me with every second of this mans wonderful voice and talents that have delighted the world for years!

    Cold Spring Harbor | Reviewer: Katrina
        ------ About the album Cold Spring Harbor performed by Billy Joel

    I have never written a review before! Anyway, my favourite song on this album is difficult to decide, as there are no stand-out songs. My favourites are "Tomorrow Is Today" and "Got To Begin Again". It's sad that Billy tried to end his life, with "Tomorrow Is Today" being his "end-of-life" song. So glad his band member found him in time to save his life - even though Billy was having an affair with that band member's wife at the time, and later married her!! Naughty Billy!

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