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"I will never forget the big words of wisdom my father gave
me about my desire to be an entertainer...'Son, it won't
surprise me if you make it but it would surprise me if you
didn't.' "

"I know now what my priorities are. My children matter
above all else, but I know that my music is a part of me
just like my kids are. I'm really enjoying myself now. I
love what I'm doing."

... Billy Dean

In the early 1990's, country music was continually changing
with the introduction of a few new young faces. One of
these was a singer/songwriter More...

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Review about Billy Dean songs
a beautiful poem/song | Reviewer: Jessica waller
    ------ About the song Once In A While performed by Billy Dean

My uncle just died and a family member of mine found this song on the internet and this song completes his personality to a T I am so proud of him he was the best uncle anyone could have. So my review of this g song is pure beauty and wonder. I wish he was here to see this song because he would have laughed to know that it was him.

Great Song ! | Reviewer: Jerry Allen
    ------ About the song I Shoulda Listened performed by Billy Dean

I've always like Billy Dean's music and have a few of his CDs. I can't believe I've overlooked this song until today. I guess I just finally listened to it and now I can't stop playing it. I can't understand why I never heard any "radio-play" of it. It must have gotten very little if any. Fantastic song.

Simply Amazing Song | Reviewer: Greg
    ------ About the song Once In A While performed by Billy Dean

I'd have to say this would be the pinnacle of Billy Dean's collection. Unlike the majority of movie "themes", this song has real substance. Still a tear-jerker for me and every time I hear the line, "that one in million sound, like two laughing boys.", I get chills.

My Heros have always been cowBOYS | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song Once In A While performed by Billy Dean

I finally found a song that reminds me of my Brother. He was the youngest but he was the only young man in the house. of 3 sisters and Mom. He always smiled and hid his tears from us. Lonestar also has that Song "I'm gonna smile" and that works too. God Bless the writers.

Song Takes a Gamble | Reviewer: CAM
    ------ About the song Only Here for a Little While performed by Billy Dean

When I first heard this song I couldn't help but think it mimmicked Kenny Rogers' - The Gambler. I happened to mention it to a couple of friends and they said that when they first heard the song thought the same exact thing. I think this song is suspect and while it has a good sound, it's sounding more and more like Lawsuit!

somewhere in my broken heart ( Billy Dean) | Reviewer: zhuang wen shou
    ------ About the song Somewhere in My Broken Heart performed by Billy Dean

i like this song very much. i cant reveal my express and emotion but i am sure that i love it so much

Wonderful | Reviewer: mallory
    ------ About the song Once In A While performed by Billy Dean

This song is gives you such a good feeling. I know it also is sad, because every time I hear it I think of Lane Frost because of the movie 8 seconds. That movie is also amazing and this song fits perfectly with it!

wish you were here | Reviewer: geraldine
    ------ About the song Wish You Were Here performed by Billy Dean

i really love this song..the whole album of billydean it really makes my heart happy....thanks for the opportunity

Let them be Little | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Let Them Be Little performed by Billy Dean

that song is so sweet and one of my alltime favorites. billy dean has got to be the best singer there is!!!

best love song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm In Love With You performed by Billy Dean

This is the best love song i've ever's being played at my wedding!

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