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If ever a person were born to entertain, it's Billy Crawford. Singing and dancing since toddler-hood, Billy has attained a new maturity on his second V2 release, "Ride." Billy may have all the attributes of a teen pin-up, but he's got much more going for him than the current rash of interchangeable pretty faces. Skills from a lifetime of performing, combined with unstoppable youthful energy, have resulted in the blossoming of an already accomplished artist into a true star.

Billboard Magazine called the first two singles from Billy's eponymous debut album "highly original" and declared that he was "overwhelmingly talented" (his new single) exceeds anything our favorite boy bands have handed out." The magazine also noted that Billy, "while only 16, is suave, confident and shows a precocious talent for songwriting, glorious singing, and moving through some pretty serious dance stepsÉAnything less than fully realized success would be just plain daft." Spin Magazine admitted: "Butter-throated seventeener Billy Crawford rocks an album of pop grooves older than he is like each is a new power generation and we were all born yesterday." And CD Now raved, "The irresistibly catchy first single, 'Urgently in Love,' featuring Nona Hendryx on backing vocals, is funkier than anything in the Backstreet Boys' dreams."

What sets Billy apart? For starters, he fulfilled an 8-year run on a Phillippine weekly variety TV show and acted in 10 films, all before puberty. In fact, he picked up the local version of an Academy Award for best child actor when he was only 6. For those unfamiliar with his back story: Billy was born in the Philippines, his mother's homeland, and was 'discovered' at the tender age of 2 while dancing on a table at a bowling alley frequented by his mom. At 12, the family moved to his father's home state of Texas; charmingly, he still evinces the cadences and phrases of the area ("Lord have mercy!") in his speech.

That first record was made when he was between the ages of 13 and 14; in the interval, Billy had a steep learning curve. "I learned so much from the last album, just being in the room with amazing songwriters and producers," he says. "The most important thing is that I learned how to write songsÉlife itself inspires me." In actual process, "I go into the studio about 4 in the afternoon. The producer makes his little beat and lets it keep going. Melodies just start coming into my head and I begin humming things, ad-libbing, then the words start coming. I finish up around 7 or 8 p.m., record at around 10 and whatever we need to finish, we do the next day." A drummer and percussionist ("I play anything that rattles"), Billy admits that: "I love rhythm. Slow, fast, it doesn't matter."

Since the first album, Billy has been a blur of activitiy. He achieved double-platinum status with the theme song to "Pokemon: The First Movie." He co-starred alongside actor John Lithgow on the album "Ogden Nash and The Christmas That Almost Wasn't," which benefited the National Theatre of the Deaf. He also completed a string of dates with 'N Sync, another tour with 98¡ and Monica, as well as a mall tour of his own. Yet Billy is refreshingly unspoiled; he confesses that his "goal in this whole career is to buy a really nice house" for his parents.

In his rare downtime, Billy enjoys "watching new movies, renting tapes and inviting a bunch of people to come over. We talk all night, we play video games, we go online. I just do what other 18-year-olds do." That includes partying: "I go out clubbing if I have nothing to do. If I have something to do the next day, I still go clubbing!" But now that the album's out, and selling in huge quantities all over Europe, there's less time for clubbing! Billy's also starring in a major movie with Liam Neeson, which will be filmed over the summer.

Ride went gold the day it was released, the first single 'Trackin' has won platinum and gold awards already and is still rising in the charts all over Europe, and the second single looks set to do even better. 2002 will be the year in which one of the most talented performers in the world becomes a true star. Watch this space!

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billy | Reviewer: trisha | 11/4/09

Hi billy my daughter loves you and like you so much,dream niya na makita ka sa personal and i will do anything to make her happy kamamatay lang ng daddy nya and this the only way to make her happy to see you sa personal kasi pag nalulungkot siya,she just look at your pics it makes her day complete na and she have your groove cd album.Tc and god bless

I love you soooo much | Reviewer: Angela | 11/2/08

hi billy i am the biggest fan of you!!! I know you hear that often from your fans but its true. i love your songs how you dance and everything about you. I am proud you're filo. i hope to see you one day.............

Hey!! | Reviewer: rachel | 8/21/08

hi billy....this is your third cousin...rachel from texas.
joann meek is my mom. im so proud that your making it in the music world.
my husband is a musician and plays lead guitar so it really means a lot to me. i have been wanting to tell you about something really strange. i have a daughter that is around your age and you and her could be twins because you look so much alike. the first time i saw your picture it blew me away because of this. just want to say hi and good luck. i hope you or someone close to you reads this, and writes me back i would really like to hear from you.

-your 3rd cousin, Rachel

my billy... | Reviewer: sarah | 7/7/08

u know what?since i first saw u on thats entertainment...i knew u'll be a big star someday...i really love seeing u sing,dance and act....u'r my crush,since i was a kid...untill now...gudluck ang keep moving.....

..wiSh 2 bE likE hiM... | Reviewer: hae | 11/24/07

w0w!, billy got all the cool and unique moves!!, proud to be filipino!!! you very much billy!!, m a die hard fan of yours!!,,wHoo!!..god bless yah!!

my cutie beiby billy | Reviewer: fhritze harleigh | 10/15/07

ur so cute tlga as in sobra,sad 2 say aalis kna i hope n sna u stay here 4 gud,i love u na glng moh tlgah!!!!!sna magconcert k d2 s bi├▒an,laguna o kya mg mall tour k s sm sta.rosa wish u ol the best long lyf,i love u from the bottom of my heart!!!i wish dat someday i wil meet u n person.remember kht mlyo kna i wil nvr stop admiring and luving u so much,love u mwuaaaaah...................

astig kah poh!!!!!! | Reviewer: divina rafols | 10/9/07

grabe sobrang ntu2wa aq f i saw billy perform on tv...i was thinking wer he got his move and way of singing!he sang RNB,POP and also a BALAD.... WOW...talented person!billy ur so bless... sana mkita kita in person!mahirap lng kc aq ky ndi aq mkagw ng way pr mkita k!hmmp...s tv nlang tlg kita mki2ta!pag alis muh d2 s pinas wl naq mki2tang kcng galing muh.hmmp...feeling q nga IN-LOVE n q sau!astig muh pnuh?ingat nlng poh lagi!i hope god will guide and bless me 2 hav apportunity 2 see you in person!GOD BLESS...

mahal kita billy | Reviewer: yuane_kikay | 9/7/07

alm mo billy idol tlga ksi ang gwapo mo tlga mahal na nga kita kso manhid ka lang sana mkta kta in person mag mall tour ka naman sa sm dasma.

ilove you | Reviewer: itchelle08 | 8/9/07

billy sana mkita kta kht imposible mahal na mahal kita god bless

Billy | Reviewer: Jayne | 8/9/07

He is indeed a genius, he can speak french, tagalog and english fluently plus so freakin good in singing and dancing!...whew!

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