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Billy Bratcher Biography

Last updated: 11/17/2012 08:20:02 PM

Billy Bratcher is best known as the bass player and chief songwriter for Vermont’s honky tonkin’ rockabilly heroes, the Starline Rhythm Boys, but over the past year or so he’s been quietly working on a solo release titled In The Lobby, which pays homage to his many years in the hospitality and entertainment businesses.

This recording features Billy playing guitar and singing on a charming collection of old time blues, jazz and country numbers. Taking inspiration from Leon Redbone and many of the originators of old time American Music; he’s backed by a talented collection of Vermont musicians who cover the gamut of musical instrumentation; from Jews Harp to Jug, Cello to Bones, they’re all here, played with style and passion, for your listening pleasure.

If you like being in the company of Jelly Roll Morton, Jimmie Rogers, Wilton Crawley and other masters of American Music, then the place you want to be is In The Lobby with Billy Bratcher.