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Billie Myers Biography

Last updated: 06/01/2009 12:00:00 PM

b. 14 June 1971, Coventry, England. This big voiced singer-songwriter enjoyed transatlantic success in 1998 with "Kiss The Rain", one of the best AOR songs of the decade. Myers, whose mother is English and father Jamaican, trained as a nurse before relocating to London to work for an insurance company. She was spotted dancing at a club by producer Peter Harris, who was impressed enough to ask her if she sang as well as she danced. A publishing deal eventually led to a recording contract with Universal Records. Myers recorded her debut album in Miami, Florida with leading soft rock songwriter Child, Desmond, and it was in America that "Kiss The Rain", co-written with Eric Bazilian (ex- Hooters (The) ), first took off. The single proved highly popular on adult rock radio and had climbed to number 15 on the national charts by February 1998.

The UK cottoned on two months later with the song debuting at number 4 on the singles chart. Growing, Pains, originally released in November the previous year, was an impressive collection of adult rock songs, with Myers' voice moving seamlessly from acoustic tenderness to full-blown angst rock ?la Morissette, Alanis. Subsequent singles "Tell Me" (complete with risqu?video) and "You Send Me Flying" failed to repeat the success of "Kiss The Rain", despite Myers high-profile appearance on the Lilith Fair tour and supporting Dylan, Bob.