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Billie Holiday remains (four decades after her death) the
most famous of all jazz singers. "Lady Day" (as she was
named by Lester Young) had a small voice and did not scat
but her innovative behind-the-beat phrasing made her quite
influential. The emotional intensity that she put into the
words she sang (particularly in later years) was very
memorable and sometimes almost scary; she often really did
live the words she sang.

Her original name and birthplace have been wrong for years
but are listed correctly above thanks to Donald More...

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Review about Billie Holiday songs
cCgMCOqOuzETod | Reviewer: Practicasport
    ------ About the song (YOU AIN'T GONNA BOTHER ME) NO MORE performed by Billie Holiday

"Tuulen tluauutulu" is a WONDERFUL and beautiful nighttime song (or daytime!). You and your husband are both astonishingly talented. Little Mila is lucky to have you two as parents.- David

Drips like golden rain | Reviewer: jaella benoit
    ------ About the song FINE AND MELLOW performed by Billie Holiday

Fine and Mellow by Ms. Billie Holiday, reminds me of a place that used to be in San Francisco on Fillmore Street "Jack's Tavern". A local singer named Vi Clark dedicated "Satindoll" to me one night at Jack's many moons ago. I was a kid at the time, but I had been singing Billy songs since I had been a very little girl as my mother was her contemporary in age, I was blessed to be exposed to the music of thier time.

Today I heard "Fine and Mellow", for the first time in a long long time, and then I sat and sang it, feeling it down to the bones.

No one can sing it like Billy did, and no one can sing Billy like me.
What a great gift I've received from all of you have kept Billy alive all of these years.

Timeless Singer, Timeless Song | Reviewer: Courtney Ferguson
    ------ About the song THE MAN I LOVE performed by Billie Holiday

As a highschool student, one would not expect me to listen to the likes of Billie Holiday. However, this woman's voice and songwriting ability amaze me to no end. She is one of the very few timeless singers in the world, and this has to be one of her best songs. It is certainly one of my favorites.

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Quay
    ------ About the song CRAZY HE CALLS ME performed by Billie Holiday

This song has simple, but beautiful and meaningful lyrics. It's like saying, "He says I'm crazy for the things I'll do for him, but I love him so much that I will." I just love these lyric, alone. Set them to music, and it becomes a piece out of this world.

Review about PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR DREAMS | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR DREAMS performed by Billie Holiday

I want You All to know that I really keep loving this song
maybe because it has got the easy rythm. Also that the old real playable special tunes makes one feel soo good. Because we all have felt this way with people we all tend to Love in our hearts. even though we have had some rough times, in the past that we gone through;) I know because I have been there.

i thought the lyric was | Reviewer: Priscilla
    ------ About the song MY MAN performed by Billie Holiday

i thought she say's

oh my man i love him so he'll never know all my life is just as fair but i don't care

but i could be wrong

Body and Soul | Reviewer: Itagir Batista de Paula
    ------ About the song BODY AND SOUL performed by Billie Holiday

Its all wrong.This begining dont exist and in the end of the lyric there are some verses that you dont present.

this begining is the other lyric. Are you crazy??
I love Billie.

Willow weep for me. | Reviewer: Itagir Batista de Paula
    ------ About the song WILLOW WEEP FOR ME performed by Billie Holiday

I think there is a verse that end ....I can be.
i'm not so sure, cos I haven't domination about English.


Lyrics of Billie | Reviewer: Itagir Batista de Paula
    ------ About the song YANKEE DOODLE NEVER WENT TO TOWN performed by Billie Holiday

I cant find some error, but I'd like to receive some (all) lyrics of my dearBillie Holiday.Please, send all of...

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