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The profound honesty and sensitivity found in his timeless
music has made Bill Withers one of America’s premier
singer/songwriters. Combining soulful warmth, a genuine and
folksy feel with his immediately recognizable voice,
Withers has sung his way into the hearts of millions
worldwide. His ability to say what so many feel is uncanny.

Simple yet sophisticated, Withers’ music and lyrics have
phenomenal accessibility and universal appeal. This, says
Withers, comes from his own duality – he enjoyed a rural
childhood and blossomed as an More...

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Review about Bill Withers songs
thank u! | Reviewer: Charli
    ------ About the song Lean On Me performed by Bill Withers

This song helped me when my friends had a fight about how we were going to perform this song in music lessons. I said "It's in the song, sometimes we have pain or sorrow but if we are wise we know there's always tomorrow."

Bill Withers My Imgaination | Reviewer: Karen
    ------ About the song My Imagination performed by Bill Withers

OMG!!!! What a beautiful song. I had never heard it, and after watching his Showtime Special I became very interested in his music, and when I heard this song I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can get this. If anyone can assist me please let me know.


Still Bill.......still! | Reviewer: dj
    ------ About the song Watching You Watching Me performed by Bill Withers

A timeless classic, sort of like the man himself.

Haunting, captivating, song that captures the feelings/passion between two that need NOT be expressed by (mere) words.

Sweet, yet somber (kinda sad, too). For another interpretation could be that in watching and waiting....certain things may have never been conveyed....and the relationship is over.

Fantastic artist (Mr. Withers). I grew up listening to his music (fan from his early solo studio/live work - all the way to collaborations w/Grover Washington, Jr. and also The Crusaders).

His noted cool, calm, smooth, persona and humble beginnings in a country setting; yet urban wit (in delivery) - - -oh yeah, the voice too, remind me much of my grandfather. Funny, now that I am getting older (hehehe).....he kinda reminds me ;-)

Cheers! Bravo! Long life, Bro.' Bill!!!!

GREAT | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lean On Me performed by Bill Withers

this is an awsome song! and you did GREAT on the lyrics!!!!!!

Hello Like Before | Reviewer: Linda White
    ------ About the song Hello Like Before performed by Bill Withers

Listening to Tony Cox on NPR News & Notes interview Bill Withers. He talked about "Hello Like Before." A beautiful song - it made me cry thinking about the 'someone'

THANX | Reviewer: Emily
    ------ About the song Lean On Me performed by Bill Withers

This is the song i listened to the day my friend died at the age of fourteen, thankyou Bill Withers for this song the lyrics touched me in my time of sadness and made me realise how true the lyrics were.

Grandma's soul | Reviewer: M. Harward
    ------ About the song Grandma's Hands performed by Bill Withers

Simply told, emotionally powerful and revealing.

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