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William Smith Monroe was born to father J. B. "Buck" and
mother Malissa Vandiver on September 13, 1911, on a farm in
Jerusalem Ridge, just outside Rosine, Kentucky. His mother
played accordion, fiddle, and harmonica, while his siblings
played guitar and fiddle. After his father died when Bill
was 16, he moved in with his uncle Pendleton Vandiver
(later immortalized in the classic song "Uncle Pen"), who
taught Bill to play guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. Perhaps
because no one else in the family played it, Bill
concentrated on mastering More...

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Review about Bill Monroe songs
Less is More | Reviewer: Nick de Ville
    ------ About the song Blue Moon Of Kentucky performed by Bill Monroe

This WONDERFUL little song is surely the epitome of 'less is more' as there's just 'nothing to it' to speak of but at the same time it SOMEHOW has enormous feel & depth AND it almost single-handedly changed the world in 1955!

Prime Bluegrass | Reviewer: John Yaeger
    ------ About the song Blue Moon Of Kentucky performed by Bill Monroe

Scott Joplin didn't believe that ragtime music had to be fast. In the same vein, bluegrass doesn’t have to be fast. Bill Monroe greatest song, Blue Moon of Kentucky, is a prime example of bluegrass music. For contemporary tastes, it surely must sound like the epitome of hillbilly music, but this was composed in an uncharted area of popular music—that is, music of the common people. It has a homely feel, but in a good way. It’s a sincere exhibition of one’s love for his home, or at least home state. Perhaps this is what the people identify with it. Elvis Presley’s version changed the time signature and made it “his” by recording it in a rockabilly version. Bill Monroe not only gave it his blessing, but also re-recorded his own version in a faster tempo. I’m sure he was also amenable to the royalties he received as it was on the flip side of “That’s Alright Mama” recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis.

Echo from the past | Reviewer: Freddy1
    ------ About the song Poison Love performed by Bill Monroe

I remember hearing B. Monroe & bluegrass band in their rendition of Poison Love, when I was a kid in Arkansas in the early 1950's. That brand of music fell out of popular favor as our country became more sophisticated, but from time to time those phrases and the plaintive tune would come seeping back out of my memory, reminding me of some of the roots of a long-ago culture and time.

Jimmie Brown the newspaper boy | Reviewer: Catryn
    ------ About the song Jimmy Brown the Newsboy performed by Bill Monroe

it's a really great song and I always enjoy singing along to it. in the song you sing everybody knows i'm the newest boy of the town and in the lyricks online you have put everybody knows that i'm the newsboy of the town. but well done anyway you sing good

Curious lyrics | Reviewer: mampam
    ------ About the song Roane Country Prison performed by Bill Monroe

In this very unusual version of the song Willy, who was married to Armanda and lived in Roane County, was stabbed by his brother (presumed to be Tom). He never knew why his brother stabbed him, but less than a month later, Willy had recovered sufficiently to kill Tom. Tried and give a life sentence, but forgiven and mourned by his mother and surviving sibling, Willy is put on a train to the Tennessee State Penitentiary in Nashville (probably then on Church Street) and is put to work in the nearby foundry (probably still surviving on Clinton Street). He accepts his fate and expects to be buried outside the foundry. Being unable to read or write Willy asks his cellmates to write his songs down and send them home.
Despite the name of the song, none of the action occurs at Roane County Jail. The identity of "Poort Martha" (Sweet Martha in other versions) and Corey, and why one is grave and the other better is obscure. By far the most nonsensical song on "Kneedeep in Bluegrass", but profound in the depths of misery it reaches, and performed reet lonesome by BM. A classic. In other versions of the song Tom is Armanda's brother, and probably stabs Willy because of the appalling way he treats his sister after they are married.

the original "a fallen star" | Reviewer: Don Stallard
    ------ About the song A Fallen Star performed by Bill Monroe

A fallen star was a tune I remember back when I was a kid. 1957 I believe. My sisters and I remember singing this song, which included the last verse. " the heavens must be lonely, now that you are mine." We had to learn it from somewhere, but when I hear it from the numerous artists that recorded it, the last verse is missing. we are all now in our '60's, and we're puzzled.
thanks for listening
Don Stallard

FINALLY!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Body And Soul performed by Bill Monroe

SOmeone who appreciates good music FINALLY got the lyrics to this song. I haven't heard it in years, and it has always been a favorite of mine that he sang. Bill Monroe's legacy lives on through his music, and we as musicians and singers cannot let it die. The heartbreak and sorrow conveyed in this song rips at your heart if is is sung properly.

turkey in the staw | Reviewer: ken johnson
    ------ About the song Turkey In The Straw performed by Bill Monroe

turkey in the straw , chicken in bread pan scratching out dough granny does your dog bite? no child no !!

Don't Know | Reviewer: Shayla
    ------ About the song Turkey In The Straw performed by Bill Monroe

1.I climbed to the top of a sycamore tree to see how far I could see, The I stuck my head in a woodpecker's hole
Couldn't get him out to save my soul.

2. Oh there was an old bullfrog sittin' at the bottom of a spring, It so cold that he couldn't sing. So he tied his tail to a hickory stump, Rared and he pitched but he couldn't make a jump.

3. As I was walking down the road. I met a rabbit and I met a toad. The rabbit said toad can you whistle and sing. You should've seen the rabbit cut the pigeon wing.

We have been sitting around thinking some of these up. I was hoping that you could help me find more of these. We would really appreciate it. My Great-Grandpa used to sing these to us all the time and he just passed away in September and we were trying to think up a few of these in his memory.

Very nice | Reviewer: Vera Owens
    ------ About the song The Old Crossroads performed by Bill Monroe

My 87 year old Mama remembered this song, but couldn't remember all of the words. I got them for here from your website. Thank you so much and we have loved Bill Monroe since I was a child. Thanks, Vera

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