Bill Anderson Lyrics

There's an old saying:
"If you want someone's attention, whisper."

Bill Anderson has been using that philosophy for over forty
years to capture the attention of millions of country music
fans around the world, en route to becoming a member of the
Country Music Hall of Fame and one of the most popular,
most enduring entertainers of our time.

He’s known, in fact as “Whispering Bill,” a nickname hung
on him years ago as a result of his breathy voice and his
warm, soft approach to singing a country song. His
credentials, however, shout More...

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Review about Bill Anderson songs
deck of cards | Reviewer: Roger Anderson
    ------ About the song Deck Of Cards performed by Bill Anderson

I was brought up listening to country music,I was about 5years old
some of my family members,played differant insturments,and they
allways played country music.As we wern"t allowed to watch to
much t.v.. That"s all I listen to. I"m now 64 years old, thats
the only type of music we listen,in our house.

Excellent song | Reviewer: Don
    ------ About the song Which Way To Pray performed by Bill Anderson

This song is a very powerful song...its sad that radio doesn't recognize any of the true country singers, so T.Graham Browns version will never be released or played on the Bubble Gum country stations of today...hope he sells a lot through Wal Mart or someone....

i'm alright | Reviewer: mary kathleen gordon
    ------ About the song I'm Alright performed by Bill Anderson

bill anderson as known james william anderson
my daddy is a singer bluegrass singer i loved my daddy i love him song i to help me to stay calm i love him so much working fine i am alright this song i am so cute i am love dad is a singer
love mary kathleen gordon

how Bill wrote "Sill" | Reviewer: dennis harbour
    ------ About the song Still performed by Bill Anderson

Record producer, Owen Bradley, told Bill he needed a romantic love song to follow-up "Mama Sang a Song". Anderson was visiting the station were he DJed before moving to Nashville, ad saw the old girlfriend that broke up with him because she thought he would amount to much,so she dated the station manager instead. He thought it was ironic when he parked his new Caddy next to her old Olds.

Bill Anderson's STILL | Reviewer: Wayne Van Gorder
    ------ About the song Still performed by Bill Anderson

I understand there's a powerful message behind this song-sure would appreciate knowing how it came about. As I have been going before residents at assisting living facilities here providing stories behind their favore songs, sure would appreciate knowing if there is any way I can get stories behind romantic love songs,classic country, mainsstream pop,as well as songs of Faith and Inspiration. So far am loaded with stories behind gospel and Christmas favorites-no more Thanks Wayne Vann the Music Man

When a man can't get a woman off his mind | Reviewer: Donna Pierce
    ------ About the song When A Man Can't Get A Woman Off His Mind performed by Bill Anderson

That song is wonderful I'm In a relationship with a man now that has been married before and she won't leave him alone she is catholic. They have not been together in 26 years he is older than me he is 15 years older than me I AM 45.

    ------ About the song Corner Of My Life performed by Bill Anderson

I heard this song a few months ago and it seems to fit in with a lot things i deal daily. I have listen for the song on radio station KTDD,RIVERSIDE,CALIF. Another song is Still,of which i heard many years ago. Thanks in country way.

Bill Anderson | Reviewer: Oliver Buckley
    ------ About the song Still The One performed by Bill Anderson

I am trying to track down the music for still the one where who would have the backing track of Still the one.

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