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Bilal Love For Sale Album

Last updated: 03/27/2013 03:01:39 PM

Release Date: 05/01/2006
Tracks in Love For Sale: Something To Hold On To, You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven), Gotsta Be Cool, Make Me Over, Get Out of My Hair, Lord Don't Let It, All For Love, Hands of Time, Hollywood, White Turns To Grey, Sorrow, Tears & Blood, Sweet Sour U

Love For Sale Album Tracklist

Label : Interscope/Universal Records
Recorded : 2004, 2005
Released : 2006 (Bootleg released)
Producer : Bilal, Nottz
Genre : R&B, Funk, jazz, hip hop, Soul
Length : 58:02

Love for Sale is a studio album by American R&B/jazz artist Bilal, soon to be released the album was leaked on the internet in 2006 and deemed unmarketable by Interscope. The album was to be Bilal's sophomore studio album following his debut release, 1st Born Second. Production for the album was handled primarily by Bilal, with many of the tracks written and produced by the artist himself, except "Something To Hold On To" was produced by grammy award winning songwriter/music producer Nottz.

Following the album's completion, Interscope/Universal delayed the release date, then shelved the album indefinitely, hinting that it saw little commercial potential in it since it had already leaked on the internet in its entirety. Radio promotional vinyl/CD's of album surfaced in Europe and on various online music stores. From Wikipedia