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Aloha Big Morning Lyrics

Last updated: 04/27/2007 11:00:00 AM

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Descend upon the river for willow talk in unison
What you hear must be delivered
What comes out must be bigger than my imagination
Should we reconsider talking till the day is new
What you say is full of bitter things one thinks but shouldn’t do
We hold our adulation
It’s true
We’re in the wilderness here with you
We’ll walk the dew dry
We walk the dew dry for a new life

Descend on the table spirits flow in unison
What we say can’t leave the room
When we run out there’s work to do
A new preoccupation
Should we reconsider working till the day is new
Should the sun dictate your mood
Recall how it was gray here too
Those days aren’t getting longer
That place is fading away
We walk the dew dry
We walk the dew dry for a new life

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