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Raised in Harlem's uptown sector "Danger Zone"----139th
Street and Lennox Avenue, Big L was faced with the
temptation's of the streets. Instead of living the street
life he chose rap as a way out. His first ever crack on wax
came in 1992's "Yes You May (Remix)." Since then Big L has
blessed the mic countless times with lyrics like no other.

In 1993 he signed with Columbia Records and released one of
the illest records of underground hip-hop. The record was
the vinyl, promo-only "Devil's Son." That song was quickly
banned from radio, More...

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Review about Big L songs
Vixin | Reviewer: vicky
    ------ About the song 7 Minute Freestyle performed by Big L

talk about ya your words nothing will come out u mumbling like your on the streets looking for rumbling . anything nothing got beef on us. calling up top hill. were right were we belong in the end it wont matter were two of the best and of of a kind . i rap my hole life i dont see eye to eye with them damages the king stands around a poll. looking for a one night stand with a stripper. getting his junk all pack up and un zipper .

do u got style like a swag we smell so good. we get tips hitting at the bar. ha ha. im playing around just am nothing less its just a test like in school u got made fun of when the teacher hit like a bitch. and got probation.

monday is here i can see i can feel just like you nothing comes clear can u here me now. can we tell if its monday.

i dont need a paper to wright rymes. i can think with my brain thats how i use it. no pen . time is coming not to close of the year. we running this town . likes its nothing to take away from yet i think your on x but i say next. do the hop hop right to left standing tall like the rest. hip hop hop. the end

Pac the man | Reviewer: Raghu
    ------ About the song 7 Minute Freestyle performed by Big L

Guys please, Pac was good at what he did, so was Biggie smalls! Both had their own flows an own style.. however, Pac's lyrics connect more with people cuz he was lyrically strong, made sense an said wat a common man wouldn dare to say to the government.. Jay Z is all balls! Fuckin biggie wannabe..!

Pac the real nigga, on the other side eminem killed it too, successful at wat he did!

Hmmmm, lil wayne is okay..! not really good in his commercial shit..!

Respect to Pac, Biggie, Big L, Eminem, Dr.Dre..!

Jay z - Suck a dick nigga! ur flows sicker than a rotten tomato mohfucker!

Straight up | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Street Struck performed by Big L

Big L definitely held it down when it rocked the mic. No doubt about that. Comparing him to another emcee wouldn't do any justice. He was ahead of his game. He would have put to shame 90% of "rappers" today if he was still alive. RIP. Often immetated, but never duplicated.

Stop Arguing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 7 Minute Freestyle performed by Big L

All you stop talking of who's the best rapper of all times, everybody knows Tupac was, is, and will be the greatest, even being dead, nobody can kick it like he did, all dumb rappers now are only talking of how many cars, girls and riches they have, Tupac talked about the truth, talked about how all the black people on the ghetto suffer, and wrote lyrics that can make even the hardest mind start thinking.

Your forgetting some artists | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 7 Minute Freestyle performed by Big L

Rakim? Big Daddy Kane? KGR? RevRun? I'm surprised nobody else noted them as GOATs. So far as the whole Tupac/Biggie deal - they were incredible and I really like some of their music. However, I think that there were times that it went a bit off (especially in the case of Tupac). So we end up with classics like sensitive songs in Me Against the World but also a few songs that I thought were too thuggish. I didn't mind violent concepts to show a ghetto culture but sometimes it is just to make himself seem hard or to intimidate other rappers. A brilliant rapper, who no doubt puts the most amount of emotion into rap songs... but I think his conflict with Biggie somewhat destroyed his "saint-like" image: it certainly didn't help in my mind. In fact, although Biggie wasn't as obvious in his raps about the "struggle", the fact that he didn't retaliate to this conflict makes him seem like the bigger man (no pun intended - also I have a sneaking suspicion the song 'Tonight' was aimed at Tupac "blood floods your dungarees, I ain't mad at cha we ain't mad at cha", the guest appearance of Mobb Deep...) I haven't heard any freestyler better than Big L (maybe Pun). So far as modern day hip hop: there is no denying its not nearly as good as it used to be. Hip hop is for self-expression... I don't see that now. Even good rappers now fell off. But you can still listen to Nas and Jay-Z, they're still making music and probably the only ones who are still good mainstream artists in this genre.

rap | Reviewer: Big Red
    ------ About the song 7 Minute Freestyle performed by Big L

alright...alright...that was sick but you used to many big regardless my rhymes will put you in the NEW YORK TIMES//
I come with power to “defeat”, you gon need a MIC 2 STOP IT//
I’ll probably stomp on you unintentionally cuz you MI-CRO-SCOPIC//
Your “Rhymes a Joke” lemme guess, you couldn’t “find the scope”?//
I’ll have you left just like your rhymes, cause your Rhymes is Broke//
Imma Design your face just like a Kaleidoscope//
If you anger me, my daggers gonna COLLIDE-with ya-THROAT//
You act famous, maybe on your corner where you BUY~the~DOPE//
But round here? I couldn’t find you with a MICROSCOPE//
Sorry Kid, I really wish I could say I~SEE~YOU//
But only time I do is when you in the I.C.U//Intensive Care Unit
When It comes 2 Rhymin I don’t care Christain, Catholic, Or Anglican//
I’ll have u stunned so bad you’ll stand just like a MANICAN//
I’m so hott, yet so cold, im like Jesus was//(Powerful)
Only time u coulnd’t feel me’s under ANESTHESIA//
When I talk I won’t take it back, cause what I say, I meant it//
You better believe Im from I.B that makes me SO AUTHENTIC//I.B a.k.a IllBattle
SO baiscally I don' understand why u wanna b facing me//
Im worth about 10 times more then your ACV//
So tell me is it really me that your tryna battle?//
10 cents your ACV, which is your ACTUAL CASH VALUE//(Check the Dictionary)
I come in “storming”, “Whore, this” is Me, Im like a GLOBAL WARMING//
SO Beware Cajun cause this IS your ONLY~WARNING

no point. | Reviewer: adam
    ------ About the song 7 Minute Freestyle performed by Big L

to every 1 here that is arguing hu is the greateset rapper of all time you are just waistin your time. every one views music in different ways and every1 is bound to have different opinions on what music should be etc etc. all i can say is i guarrantee that we can all agree that hip hop/ rap is the greatest music genre of all time.

ha.. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 7 Minute Freestyle performed by Big L

lol.. atmosphere and aesop are far from underground.. sell outs is what they are.. slug can barely even rhyme.. aesop was ite before they started rockin the hot topic bullshit.. You can say something is underground because its not popular, the first chance them niggas had to sell out they hopped on that coattail.. tupac/biggie/big l are like the 3 only rappers worth listening to..

If you call em out you gotta hit em all..... | Reviewer: YoungKevKhalifa
    ------ About the song 7 Minute Freestyle performed by Big L

1st Off pac is and for ever well be the grestest story teller in the world. biggie spoke the truth from his point of view on his own life not the struggle in the everybody else he was a selfish piece of shit but all of his music deserves the upmost respect. I say the same thing about Jay z hes an asshole but his words are incredible i guess if thats what it takes to be big who wouldnt be. Big L. i believe it is safe to say that he is the altime freestyler and lyricist. like biggie he also talked of his own life and hustle. Soulja Boy a fucking disgrace to music he can jump on supermans dick blow em a kiss and jump to the bottom of the grand canon. Kanye is the realest of the real he may be an asshole to many people but he tells only the truth in life and goes to the level that most people are afraid to amount too.Eminem Sick Skills for real and probably the only sucessful white rapper to emerge on the surface. Drake too me drakes one of the luckiest nigga alive he had a huge jump off start which blew records off da charts. Weezy not my favorite but you gotta give him props he the only nigga to drop larges bills while still in jail. Nicki Sexy fierce but a little too much at times im just waiten for her to stop dolling up and get a serious albumn out besides that shes BAddd.Well thats all for now hitt up da email for updates

wu tang??? | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song Street Struck performed by Big L

Aight let me say this Wu Tang is GREAT. GZA is one of the greatest MC's to ever walk the face of the planet and RZA is def one of the best producers of all time and that's not even mentioning meth, odb, and the others, but I don't think it's appropriate to say Big L was the greatest second only to Wu Tang. I feel like they aren't comparable like that. He was a different style of emcee and I also felt like his range for the TYPE of hip hop song he could do was greater than most members of wu tang. Some of his shit is pure battle raps, some of it is serious, and some is just dumb hot with no real meaning. Almost all of Wu Tang is just INTENSE with exception of a few songs (like Jah World)

Wu Tang is also very unique and can't really be compared to much else.

Really the only emcee that reminds me of Big L is Celph Titled but not because they sound alike, but Celph delivery and set up for his punchlines his very reminiscent of Big L

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