Big L Albums

  • The Archives 1996-2000 Album (6/2/2006)
    Games Females Play
    Now Or Never
    Hit It
    Furious Anger
    Still Here
    Ebonics Remix
    Accapella 1
    Accapella 2

  • Harlem's Finest: A Freestyle History (Vol. I & II) Album (3/31/2006)
    Stretch & Bobbito '92 (Stretch Debut)
    Stretch & Bobbito '93
    Stretch & Bobbito '94
    Stretch & Bobbito '95 Pt. I
    Stretch & Bobbito '95 Pt. II
    139 - Tony Touch
    Universal Freestyle
    My Niggaz - Doo Wop
    Stretch & Bobbito '98
    Roc Raida Mixtape
    Flamboyant Pt. I
    Flamboyant Pt. II
    Kay Slay Freestyle
    Devil's Son (Live From Amsterdam)
    Nigga Please
    How Will I Make It?

  • The Big Picture Album (7/11/2000)
    The Big Picture (Intro)
    Size 'Em Up
    Deadly Combination
    '98 Freestyle
    Holdin' it Down
    The Heist
    Da Enemy
    Fall Back
    Casualties of a Dice Game
    Platinum Plus
    Who You Slidin' Wit'
    The Heist Revisited
    The Triboro

  • Lifestylez Ov Da Poor and Dangerous Album (7/1/1995)
    Put it On
    8 Iz Enuff
    All Black
    Danger Zone
    Street Struck
    Da Graveyard
    Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
    I Don't Understand It
    Fed Up With the Bullshit
    Let 'Em Have It 'L'

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