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Raised in Harlem's uptown sector "Danger Zone"----139th Street and Lennox Avenue, Big L was faced with the temptation's of the streets. Instead of living the street life he chose rap as a way out. His first ever crack on wax came in 1992's "Yes You May (Remix)." Since then Big L has blessed the mic countless times with lyrics like no other.

In 1993 he signed with Columbia Records and released one of the illest records of underground hip-hop. The record was the vinyl, promo-only "Devil's Son." That song was quickly banned from radio, due to such lyrics as: "I pistol whip the priest every Sunday." With hardcore lyrics made for the fans and not radio, Big L proved himself as one of the kings of the underground. In 1995, still with Columbia, He released his debut album "Lifestylz Ov Da Poor & Dangerous." The album was commercially ignored, but praised by the source who gave it 4 mics. The album was a lyrical masterpiece, and an underground success. That album put on a few now big name rappers, such as Jay-Z, and Cam'ron. After that album was released, L was dropped from Columbia.

Even after being dropped, L was rising in the game. He, along with Show, AG, Buckwild, Lord Finess, Fat Joe, OC, and Diamond, formed the group D.I.T.C. (Diggin' In The Crates). They began popping up on mixtapes all around, and Big L was showcasing his lyrical ability on a whole new level. Concerts in Amsterdam, and Japan proved to others that Big L and D.I.T.C. were now worldwide and ready to blow up. Big L was now on the verge of releasing his best work. He got in the studio and recorded "Ebonics" a breakdown of street slang. That single was blowing up the streets, and people were starting to notice L. Unfortunately his success was cut short. Big L was murdered on the very streets where he grew up. He was shot 7 times in the head and chest on February 15, 1999.

In August of 2000 Big L's posthumous, sophmore album "The Big Picture" was released. Half the album was completed before his death, and half after his death. This album recieved more respect in terms of sales, and rotation. The album went gold, and was the first of his albums to do so. Collaberations on the album include Guru, D.I.T.C. and rap vets like Big Daddy Kane and Kool G. Rap as well as the late Tupac Shakur.

Although Big L is no longer with us, His essence is still felt in the rap game, from his smart lyrics, to his deadly metaphors and his freestyling ability, Big L has opened the doors for a wave of rappers such as Mase, Jay-Z, Cam'ron and McGruff. Through his music Big L lives on, and should never be forgotten.

R.I.P. Lamont Coleman aka. Big L
-Harlem's Finest

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Big L is tha dopest! Word up! | Reviewer: Lamont | 7/18/13

Yo! I really respect Big L man, he was dope and had his own stay, his voice sounded nothin' like Biggy Smalls and Pac so he kept it real. He's one of 'em Mcs tha made me wanna do this. My middle name is Lamont by tha way

Big L was a Ryme Menace | Reviewer: micx ill | 6/2/10

Its unfortunate Big L is not with us in this day and time. His style was unbridled, unrivalled and unmatched. He introduce many goods cats into the rap game. Its unfair he doesn't get the recognition he deserved. His delivery and street-intellect manifested into punchlines, were almost controlled demolitions on the mic. I listen to Big L for inspiration and study his style because of its unique element. Rest in Peace Big L!

"I'll leave you shanked up, I knocked out so much teeth, i've left the tooth fairy bankrupt"

Big L Harlems finest | Reviewer: Lamont | 1/28/10

Guy just straight killed everytime he got on the mic. Although he had the foulest of mouths when rapping i feel he was the msot down to earth. Puts lil f*ckin wayne to shame.

"Once a hotty shot me wit a shotty
I died but came back to life in anotha body"

Wish it was true but this is jsu amatuer sh*t compared to what he really spits

BigL R.I.P.

from his style he was a mic fiend | Reviewer: hosea eric | 1/1/09

i said he was a mic fiend no disrespect 2 rakim allah bcos big l had da style dat possesses a power which could transform a mic into anything hazardous i really respect his steez in put it on coz he clearly stated where he comes from[da gutta]and he exhibited da art of freestylin eventhough it was a premeditated piece.

RIP Big L | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/08

Big L was the best rapper in the game. no doubt. he was a lyrical genius. he was the most underrated and deserved a lot more cred. he was so ill at freestylin' he killed Jay-Z in the 7 minute freeestyle. niggas were jealous of how great he was. it was trully Big L's time and i can't express in words how amazing he was.

R.I.P Big L
"Fuck all the glamers and glitz i plan 2 get rich im from ny and i was never a fan of the knicks"
" I'm wavin automatic guns at nuns."
"Never bummy; sip rummy, get money
When I hit honies you felt the dick in her tummy"

the greatest mc ever | Reviewer: dmob20 | 2/13/08

man it's a shamed he died if he was still alive right now do you have any idea how much he would change the hip hop industry? or the culture for that matter shit now I know where lil wayne get his style from with the metaphors similes and shit because as far as i know big l started that shit

rip Big L | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

I have listened to a lot of underground there is not a better mc in my opinon but i think even if he did go mainstream like camron he was tight but after children of the corn that nigga got mad wack but l would still be sick mainstream or not his a real true mc and the hip hop world suffered a great lose after his death but if you listen to lifestyles of the poor and dangerous and you will not be dissapointed the best hip hop cd in my opion

Big L- Best Rapper that ever lived | Reviewer: ass crew | 7/27/07

Big L was the greatest rapper of all time and always will be. theres nothing that hasnt been said already, but i can definately reinforce how much he was underrated and he should get the respect and fame he deserves. Rest in peace Big L, We all love you

"and if you think i cant fuck wit whoever,
put ya money up, put ya jewels up,
no fuck it, put ya hunny up,
put ya raggity house up nigga,
or shut your mouth up,
before i buck lead
and make a lot of blood shed,
turn ya tux red
im far from broke got enough bread,
and mad hoes ask beavis, i get nuttin but-head

98 Freestyle.

Da Sickest Wittiest Rapper That Ever Lived!!! BIG L Deserves More Respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: TOOMS- UK RAPPER REPPIN' DA REAL HIP-HOP!!!! | 7/11/07

What needs to be said, which hasnt surely already been said!!!!!!!!!!

The greatest cleverest wordsmith on the mic for real!!!! been checking Lamont for serious time!! it has to be said right now!! im proud to of been alive at the same time as the greatest rapper that ever lived!! when i hear a verse from L it makes me shake my head still, and get the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end just cos of his sick delivery, wordplay and witt and consistency!!! i still feel like ive been punched in the gut from the first time and ever since it was announced he was shot!! he was hip-hop and still is to me!! as i play harlems finest everday possible!! BIG up L!! rest in peace brother!!!

''yo you better flee-hop or get ya ass thrown 3 blocks, L keeps rapping heart pumping like reeboks!!!

''ive gota wild style, alwasy been a fowl child, my guns go boom boom. your guns go (pow pow),
known to keep a hotty open,
keep the shotty smoking, front on me and have half the bones in ya body broken!!!

R.i.P to an asset to true hip hop!! fuck this commercial bullshit!!! when is there gona be a book about L or a tribute dvd!! im sick of these wack m.c.'s getting the light he never got!! word!!!!! tooms!! (and im out, im out, im out!!!)

Big L 139 Baby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

He spoke the truth in his lyrics and rapped about stuff that happened in his life, not all the mainstream nonsense rapped about now, Big L is a legend of hip hop and hip hop died with him, also one love to his big brother Big Lee holdin it down, flamboyant for life!

R.I.P Lamont Coleman | Reviewer: Ana Lorenzo | 5/8/07

Lamont Coleman a.k.a Big L was one of the best. A fallen angel ... All I can say is this man was underrated , he didn't get the creds he deserved because if he , 2pac , The notorious B.I.G and many others where here then all this new artist wouldn't stand a chance. He had such a way with words that it was truly poetry and sometimes funny:

Ex. " I'm known to gas a hottie and blast the shottie. Got more cash than Gotti (you don't know?) You betta ask somebody." - Put It on

R.I.P to Big L a.k.a Lamont Coleman , you gotta have respect 4 the kid.

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