Big Head Todd & the Monsters Albums

  • Rocksteady Album (7/20/2010)
    Muhammad Ali
    After Gold
    Happiness Is
    Back To The Garden
    Smokestack Lightnin'
    I Hate It When You're Gone
    People Train
    Beast Of Burden
    Fake Diamond Kind

  • All The Love You Need Album (9/4/2008)
    Her Own Kinda Woman
    Cruel Fate
    All The Love You Need
    Fortune Teller
    Ever Since Ya Pulled Me Under
    How Easy
    Spanish Highway
    Blue Sky
    Under A Silvery Moon
    Beautiful Rain

  • From The Archives, Volume 1 Album (5/8/2007)
    I Never Loved You
    She Didn't Want It
    There Is A Reason
    Love Besides The Weather
    House Burn Down
    Take It All Back
    Healing Train
    It's Over Again
    Brother John

  • Crimes Of Passion Album (2/10/2004)
    Dirty Juice
    Beauty Queen
    Angela Dangerlove
    Come On
    Drought Of 2013
    Love Transmission
    Imaginary Ships
    ICU In Everything
    Lost Child Astronaut
    Peacemaker's Blues

  • Riviera Album (3/26/2002)
  • Live Monsters Album (11/10/1998)
  • Beautiful World Album (2/11/1997)
  • Strategem Album (9/27/1994)
  • Sister Sweetly Album (2/1/1993)
  • Midnight Radio Album (8/1/1991)
  • Another Mayberry Album (8/1/1989)

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