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Big Country's last studio album, "Driving To Damascus",
combined all the elements that originally elevated the band
into the charts in the mid-Eighties. These, along with a
new found stylistic diversity stemming from Stuart
Adamson's relocation to Nashville in 1997 where he immersed
himself in the musical community and scene.

"Its the first time I've ever lived in a totally creative
community" he commented "and the first time I have ever
co-written with other artists". In 1999 Stuart (who was
spiritual but not religious), played More...

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Review about Big Country songs
Review | Reviewer: Jan Koetje
    ------ About the song The Crossing performed by Big Country

One of the most underrated songs in musical history. Originally A B-side, but strong enough to be an independent song on one of the early albums. This song really expresses everything Big Country stood for in the eighties: Uplifting and to move mountains by. Unfortunately the group lost itself in mainstream rock and Americana in the ninetees, but if there's one song that has to impersonate the Big Country-sound of older days, then this song contains everything....

I felt the winter, too... | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Wonderland performed by Big Country

As a young teenager delivering newspapers, I had this song in my head when I started my route on freshly laid snow at 5 in the morning.
As I traversed the large yards and hills, I would bellow out Stewie's " O - Oh - Oh - Ohhhhhho...ooooyeah...."
I love this band!

Brilliance | Reviewer: Johnny Reno
    ------ About the song In A Big Country performed by Big Country

This song meant everything to me. Graduating from college in the dismal early 80's of the decay in the rust belt of Buffalo, NY gave me the hope that moving to the high dessert of Reno, NV was my future and destiny. I didn't want to grow flowers in the dessert, but just wanted a better future and see the sun in the winter time.

Desires of Kali | Reviewer: The Vain Yogi
    ------ About the song The Seer performed by Big Country

The lyrics are strangely reminiscent of the desires of Kali, the Hindu goddess of time. Time is marked by change. Change is best personified by a woman who constantly changes. Ergo, time in Hindu philosophy is represented by Kali, dancing on the final battlefield.

possible meaning of "grow flowers in the desert" | Reviewer: Marlinah
    ------ About the song In A Big Country performed by Big Country

I have loved this song forever. My mother gave me a book titled "The Magic of Findhorn" in 1986 and I am convinced that the lyric "I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert" refers to the Findhorn Community in Scotland. They have miraculously been able to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables in barren sand in Northern Scotland. They claim that they are guided by God and the deva spirits of the area to show them how to make this miracle happen. Check it out!

Andrew, I can relate... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In A Big Country performed by Big Country


I was somewhat of a recluse in High Scool (graduated in 78), mostly because I had difficulty embracing Disco when my 3 older siblings had fed me nothing but Classic Rock, and my parents filled my ears with simply Classical.

But when the B52s hit the Police, Elvis Costella, and the B52s hit the scene, my mind opened to the New Wave. I never knew how to dance until my natural rhythm blossomed from this sweet new music.

Big Country is an awesome band, but was overshadowed by many US bands during that time period. It's great to see so many music afficianados praising the work of this group, and I hope that your spiritual path is now in sync and taking you exactly where you were designed to go and grow!

Just 3 years from your 50th, get ready to "cut the rug" and show your old friends that "dancing" is just one of the wonderful ways that you express your great life!

People do understand | Reviewer: BobM
    ------ About the song In A Big Country performed by Big Country

This song does make sense to a lot of people..."But you can't stay here with every single hope you had shattered" means to me that we must move on, we might not forget, but we must move on."I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert," means to me that I am not asking for the impossible just a little due.

The Perfect Scottish Pop Song | Reviewer: HAFSNT
    ------ About the song In A Big Country performed by Big Country

Captures the feel and lyrical themes of much of the old Scottish folk music. Check out the group Gaberlunzie if you like. Great song, with several "catch phrases" in the lyrics that are like a mini-code to Gen X'rs like me with others who loved this and others songs of its ilk back in the day.

A wonderful song | Reviewer: Mike S.
    ------ About the song Wonderland performed by Big Country

I recently stumbled on this tune's video online, it's the first time seeing the video and first time to hear the song in over 15 years. What a time capsule contained for me in one song...I love the lyrics romantic, yet grounded, sweep.

I appreciate the other reviews who are giving their different views on the quality of this song. When it came out I really didn't understand why it didn't gain more popularity in the US...what an awesome production and passionate melancholy atmosphere; people's song of beauty and strength.

Big Country was the first band I really fell in love with, at least during the first 2 albums (and this song's EP). I think it was the bit of Scottish blood in me stirring...

This kind of song is really classic, as Ian remarked, which rockers sing of the working man anymore? Or could sing with such pure conviction, "I am an honest man?"

Thanks to Big Country, and grateful tears to departed Stuart Adamson, your artistry in masterpieces of song like "Wonderland" touched my heart deeply.

Opinions vary: | Reviewer: Brad
    ------ About the song In A Big Country performed by Big Country

Will have to agree with old mate, the lyrics of a song such as this are written to illicit an unprescribed response. No doubt that there is a meaning written between the lines and founded on some personal experience the composer had in mind (as with the mood of the music itself) but the meaning itself is shrouded in metaphoric wordplay. My personal theory is that the composer found some theraputic value in writing the song and so wanted his audience to find the same value in listening. When writing the lyrics he articulated his own meaning into nature, emotion and loose description of a human subject's personality (in first person communication). If your a positive person you will more than likeley find these kind of songs enjoyable and be able to relate to the composer's mood when they wrote the music. But if you are negative or find yorself one-tracked into a (in my opinion) less tastefull brand of music, or even just one of those wanker who goes on the Internet and knocks everything because you have nothig else to do, then you are most likeley going to pass a negative comment in an attempt to make yourself sound witty and funny. Not that it wouldn't be funny to see you with a toothpick up your wozzer wailing out some songs of our own while you try and get it out... And for anyone who found the same value in this song I suggest "young years- dragon" or if you have no luck add Marc hunter as an artist. Good day to you Scotty. Ha. And Rachel keep being original. Nothing glamourous about being a sheep :)

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