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Crime Mob Big Boy Pimpin' Lyrics

Last updated: 07/20/2008 12:00:00 PM

You big boy pimpin' (ayy) x16

If she walk you to your car (you big boy pimpin')
A neighborhood superstar (you big boy pimpin')
If you buyin' out the bar (you big boy pimpin')
and you know you livin' large (you big boy pimpin') x2

I'm big boy pimpin', yeah I be spendin'
hundreds and fifties, Lil J got plenty
pockets be too fat, I be's a cool cat
can't spend on that ho, I just can't do that
you know I get dough, get some then get mo
I don't buy one drank, I buy a shitload
these bitches need me, they fuck me then feed me
won't make no housewife, out no goddamn freak

I can be a pimp if I wanna, bossin' these niggas around
tell they ass to get my money, or somethin's goin' down
I make niggas go crazy, have them callin' me baby
Spendin' their entire paychecks on the regular basis
To get my hair done, nails too, then to need to get some clothes
don't ask me no questions cus you know everything that I say goes
ain't got no love for niggas and that's how it's gotta be
pimpin's in my blood for life so hate the game but don't hate me


I be big boy pimpin' I got run in all my whips
when I mash on the gas I leave tracks like a glimpse
I got broads in every zip I get zips for the low
pimpin' large, takin' charge, gettin' money from these hoes
steadily countin' fat rolls, pockets swole, I get ace
livin' life up to the fullest cus it's money I love to make
somethin' I gotta say, cus it's in my agenda
big boy pimpin', summer spring fall and winter
cus I'm a winner

big girl pimpin', systems hittin', 20s spinnin' on the lac
my hair stay fixed, the brand new kicks
dollars be real pockets stay fat
cus I'm a mack with this pimpin' shit you know I'm on some other shit
cus if it ain't about no money then it ain't makin' no sense
free trips, on the shopping spree, ballin' ain't nothin to me
Prada, Apple Bottom, Levi, Louis and Gucci
no exception, no excuses, but your ass better pay me
so if you want some of this pimpin' shit come holla at me baby


big boy pimpin' in this thang, with so much game
these hoes keep runnin' on me cus I ain't lame
see shawty fuck the thang, your boy won't change
so many hoes callin' but I don't know they name
cus I'm a goddamn pimp, and don't let that be mistaken
they call me M.I.G and all these hoes wanna taste me
I put that giant tootsie roll in they mouth like "what's shakin'"
cus I'm a big boy pimp, and most these niggas be fakin'


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