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Ask Beyonce what she wants people to hear when they listen
to Dangerously In Love, her debut solo album, and the
multi-platinum-selling pop/urban recording artist answers,
"My range. I want them to hear all of the musical
influences from hip-hop to rock to jazz, there's even a
Shuggie Otis sample. I want them to really hearthe talent.
I know that folks love me as a pop star. Now I want them
to understand me as an artist."

That they will. Musically challenging and lyrically honest,
Dangerously In Love is more than just a solo CD More...

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Review about Beyonce Knowles songs
am a non christian | Reviewer: aminat
    ------ About the song He Still Loves Me f/ Choir from Fighting Temptations performed by Beyonce Knowles

The fact that the song isn't attached to any RELIGION makes it easier for non christians,am a muslim yet have got tears in my eyes and stop feeling the pain in the world but the pains make me stronger and hoping that GOD,LORD care more even though the world dosent.Thanks to the crew that made the song u guys rock and GOD bless u.

This speaks to me | Reviewer: Buena Montgomery
    ------ About the song He Still Loves Me f/ Choir from Fighting Temptations performed by Beyonce Knowles

This song speaks to me on so many levels, I'm so thankful that God seeing me what man can't and I'm thankful that I'm not judged by man, that God has the final say about my life, Thank You Lord for loving me, even when I didn't love myself, Thank You Lord, I just want to Thank You Lord!!!!!

    ------ About the song Disappear performed by Beyonce Knowles

I'd like to thank BEYONCE for a wonderful track am so deeply inlv with the song everytime I hear it it reminds me of ma latest sis well done ms B knowless and lala ava maria 4 me................ chao

I'll always bless the name of the Lord for he is not like a man | Reviewer: Unyime Uko
    ------ About the song He Still Loves Me f/ Choir from Fighting Temptations performed by Beyonce Knowles

This song at anytime ministers to my soul, there's nothing good I've done in my life, my friends has turned their back on me, my family the same, but everyday I wake to so many blessings from God, blessings I don't deserve. Which means even though I am not good enough for my friends & family God still loves me. All Glory to his name for his Faithfulness

Soul touching | Reviewer: Arshavine
    ------ About the song The First Day performed by Beyonce Knowles

This song is a 'soul touching' lovely and an enjoyable one to have it sung by my girlfriend..i felt like dying that day!!its soooo nyc thanx 2 destiny's child and alxo beyonce knowles 4 the great

Female | Reviewer: Charlotte
    ------ About the song The First Day performed by Beyonce Knowles

W0w!this s0ng is s0o0o makes me think b0ut that guy i met,h0w did i met him,and h0w i l0ve him...we're turning 6yearz n0w...and we l0ve 0ne an0ther s0 badly...well bey0nce y0u did a great very great s0ng..i l0ve it and i als0 g0t that mad l0ve fur yeur...xx...

The best song i ever H. E. A. R. D. ! by Beyonce | Reviewer: Amahni Hammond
    ------ About the song A Woman Like Me performed by Beyonce Knowles

I love the song a women like me . It sholws so much about you and a lot about you and how much you respect wemon and how much you understand about us and what you know about us . Here is your 10 year old request from Amahni Hammond and yes I am 10 I turned 10 on Christmas

Give Beyonce at least a little credit! | Reviewer: Singer427
    ------ About the song Vois sur ton chemin performed by Beyonce Knowles

I've been reading through some of the comments in here, and yes she did slaughter the French, but being an internatiol super star, she probably had 1 week- 5 days to prepare it, so give her at least a LITTLE credit!
P.S. She also does have a good voice. And remember this is not Beyonce's song!

The Haunted | Reviewer: Iya Ajewole
    ------ About the song Ghost / Haunted performed by Beyonce Knowles

This is an amazing song!!! It imaginatively describes the conditions of the industry and the conditions that we as 9-5er's face. She has actually done shows for the Saudi Royalty on their private isles. I'm loving how Bey is blossoming as a woman. I pray she is continually blessed!

Beyoncé | Reviewer: Danielle Kempt
    ------ About the song Love On Top performed by Beyonce Knowles

Dear Beyoncé you are encouraging me to follow my dreams and and to never give up on who I want to be in life.You are an inspiration in my life and you also play a big roll in my life even though I don't know you.Your music is like no other.You are the Best....B=best

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