Beyonce Knowles Albums

  • Beyoncé Album (12/13/2013)
    Pretty Hurts
    Ghost / Haunted
    Drunk In Love
    No Angel
    Yoncé / Partition

  • 4 Album (6/24/2011)
    I Care
    I Miss You
    Best Thing I Never Had
    Rather Die Young
    Start Over
    Love On Top
    End Of Time
    Till The End Of Time
    I Was Here
    Run The World (Girls)
    Lay Up Under Me
    Schoolin' Life
    Dance For You

  • I Am... Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Edition) Album (11/18/2008)
    If I Were A Boy
    Broken-Hearted Girl
    Ave Maria
    Smash Into You
    That's Why You're Beautiful
    Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
    Sweet Dreams
    Video Phone
    Scared Of Lonely

  • I Am... Sasha Fierce - The Bonus Tracks Album (11/14/2008)
    Video Phone (Extended Remix)

  • B'day Deluxe Edition Album (4/3/2007)
  • B'day Album (9/5/2006)
  • Speak My Mind Album (2/24/2005)
  • The Fighting Temptations Album (7/5/2003)
  • Dangerously In Love Album (6/24/2003)

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    Reviews about Beyonce Knowles albums
    ... | Reviewer: jason
        ------ About the album Dangerously In Love performed by Beyonce Knowles

    beyonce I love all your songs I don't know why I am your fan I like your new album to its nice beyonce keep on with your work girl then you will become the girl and I hear you pregnant again please tell if you have a boy or girl

    I know what is your first child's name ''blue ivy'' she's cute too! So beyonce please don't like the devil come into your heart let god in your heart and let the devil out of your heart beyonce be gods child not the devils child the devil makes you to do bad and wrong things get real and ''stand up'' of your rights just like that song of you stand up of love ok I will write a review again

    Dangerously in Love | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Dangerously In Love performed by Beyonce Knowles

    This album is the best love song album i've ever heard. It puts me to sleep and wakes me up in the morning all thanx to Queen Bey. You are absorlutely amazing in all possible ways Love you Forever.

    Love South African Thabang Wankhanda.

    praises | Reviewer: vusi phasha
        ------ About the album Speak My Mind performed by Beyonce Knowles

    bey,u've cum 2 mean so much 2 me dat evrythn seems nthn compared 2 u.i thank God 2 hv given u such much potential and creativity 2 use on dis luminous's my burning desire 2 meet wth u 1 of the greatest days of our live...*exalts*

    4 album is hot | Reviewer: sindisiwe
        ------ About the album 4 performed by Beyonce Knowles

    this album is so gonna be off the hook. im not a beyonce fan buy im an admirer. every album of hers is always out of this world. keep doing what u do B and u r doingg it well. ngiyakuthanda 'love you'. and God bless you

    western union money transfer | Reviewer: adeniyi obanla
        ------ About the album B'day performed by Beyonce Knowles

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    My name is Adeniyi Obanla from Nigeria i am school leaver looking for admission i am 30 years old my mother is a widow woman so i do hot job on the street to make a living now i have 5000 dollar mtcn in ghana to cash here in nigeria but my agent request for 300 dollars from before he will decode my money for me now im broke to bone i don,t even have 1 doolar to bail out my 5000 dollar kindly help me out with this my ugly situation i will be very glad to see you sending me a mtcn worthy of 300 dollar today .my address is
    adeniyi obanla
    7,agbedeyi street orile agege lagos nigeria 23401 my phone number is 2347043061134
    Thank you

    I luv everything abt u except ..... | Reviewer: Ivy
        ------ About the album Dangerously In Love performed by Beyonce Knowles

    I really luv everything abt head over heels with dangerously in love. To me its the best song ever.i really think u should ve a second thought about the evil worshipping. Jesus gave u everything u ve and can give u more.please think it over. Luv u

    CLASSIC! | Reviewer: p-nut
        ------ About the album Dangerously In Love performed by Beyonce Knowles

    I remember when this album came out I was 12 and it was a great album. Beyonce did a concert in LV and what she said was classic...
    " myself and I, baby boy, naughty girl, dangerously in love...and my favorite crazy in love...and they told me i didn't have one hit on my album...i guess they were kinda right....i had five;)"

    gotta love beyonce for ALWAYS putting 110% into her music! fuck jay-z though that pussy illuminati biyatch for poisoning her mind with that devil worshipping shit they got going on now!

    amazing. | Reviewer: Kersin
        ------ About the album B'day performed by Beyonce Knowles

    Fantastic. I got this album when it first came out and i can still listen to it, without ever getting bored. There are so many great songs, so many soulfull beats. She is so beautiful and efforlessly amazing.
    love her and this album!

    Its da Shit | Reviewer: Ze Ze
        ------ About the album B'day performed by Beyonce Knowles

    I love every single song on this c.d. my nigga beyonce' was just not wastin any time durin her 2 count em' 2 weeks on this c.d. and i hope her next c.d. is what that is cuz my shit on b-day was greenlight and kitty kat cuz both of them song is so true. So to all da hataz out thurr who don't like beyonce, then bitches we can get out thurr cuz i fight for nigga beyonce!!!!! AND JAY-Z IZ A CHEATER

    note from beyonce | Reviewer: athi
        ------ About the album Speak My Mind performed by Beyonce Knowles

    i love the songs and the vocal arangement. well done B I LOVE YOU AND I HOPE YOU WILL SELL SOMe OF HOUSE OF DEREON IN SOUTH AFRICA.

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