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Beyonce Knowles Beyonce Interlude Lyrics

Last updated: 04/25/2012 11:00:00 AM

I believe that harmonies are colors

Every time I paint it sharpens my harmony
Yesterday I tried to paint you

But the colors weren't beautiful enough

Your love goes beyond what I can say


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Beyonce Interlude | Reviewer: joshua | 4/25/12

I belive that harmines are colors.Everytime i paint, it sharpens my harminy.Yesturday i tried to paint you,but the colors weren`t beautiful enough.Your love goes beyond what i can say.


at first i was scared now am strong,honey | Reviewer: fabu | 1/9/08

bee.hii u sugar boy, i'm still feel you ,still bleeding in my heart as u know no matter what you will always be in my heart with unconditional love,i think also its my time to u know honey until the end of time even in heaven baby remember that baby ...thank u am proud of that u did not get tired sorry i didn't want to give u all my adress or my phone numbers on net cause remember it ain't easy being who we are. but u know what.. i dont know if am just wasting time if u gone read this.. better know that our couple wiil be the best forever..every one will dream to be like us.and if the eyes are windows to the soul the world can become paradise but people they still in christmass honey let us lough that ha ha when am alone i even cry ,because its a dangerous love, baby if i'm wrong love tell me ,the day when i would calm down you ain't heard i've been known to clown and get around ,tha's my word..from my teacher pac , honey i know you miss u little thug me also i miss u. am tired of touching nothing ... u know my sex like scopion..hehe sit down and conversate like u got me i was born for ur .ur was born for me only god can judge us baby..u walkin and you lookin good, yes indeeded got baby like a sex fiend, you killin me what i can say ;enough; as ihave more to tell honey i love tiil i die , g's on my head trying scared me i dont know if you are listening new songs for g.uint, game, snoop that they gone kill me but u know i can fear to say cause i found that the world is about to end, peace be upon mohammad, cause it is written down that if u join jibri then he tells u that u are free to me but fear lord the king of the creator of all planet , so for that only god can judge me and am serious my album will be out.. cause people belive not .. any way aint mad at em yes am actin like i dont know.. honey u know we gone have parties where music is sun a dance floor becomes a sea forever and ever..but any way u know i like u mind u are so open in mind. the could never understand what u set out to do, your omega of my heart the foundation of my i conception of love when i think of a black woman should be its u that i first think of,u wiil never full understand how deeply my heart feels for u i think this generation no one would like to be played... we need peace not 3 world war you know i miss uuuuuuuuuuuu , i love uuuu , am picturing me my self and i, come in my bed turn off the light honey its a joke bye one day gone make finaly baby dont worry ...tell snowman yo watch yo nugget, me and u the keys of unseen,none but he knows em .. u said u gone do every thing for me right , i love even you daddy keep in touch with him, he loves you.. my last word from me my d is big you know what i mean , dont be suprise dont be shy tise me i tise u and seriously i wanna please you, bizouu...bye honey ilove u..

love b more than u | Reviewer: ebony | 6/10/07

b im ur biggest fan i went to ur concert and OMG ur good id love to talk to you MWA

Jah | Reviewer: Jahlisa | 6/8/07

Hey Beyonc'e i am one of your biggest fans i love the way you put so much energy into your dance moves hope to hear from you soon.(ps i love your song beautiful liar)

u rock beyonc'e | Reviewer: eleah | 5/3/07

ur lyrics in ur song interlude i pay respect 2 them they are so powerfull and they make me think every time lots love elle U GO GIRRRRLLLLLLL!!!

e-mail me | Reviewer: neka | 4/20/07

Hi beyonce I hope me and you can talk 1day can you please e-mail me

B-day | Reviewer: dominque | 3/20/07

hi beyonc'e i am a big fan of yours i love you so much i know all your songs get me back when u get a chance bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love your song check on it | Reviewer: ke-ke | 2/15/06

i would like to meet you and with you. my favorite song is check on it and i like when you hit them high notes . My career is to become a famous singer like you cause me,angel,and brittany make a good groug like you michelle,and kelly make a good group.I just hope one day we will meet you cause that will make my dream come true. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/05

I just hope one day I could meet you in person and we go on a huge shopping spree for my sisters and I because we are doing bad. My momma has two jobs and that's still not enough for four girls. Meeting you and you helping us with food, money, clothes and giving her a brake. She never get to spend time with us. The only time we see her is when she comes home at 9p.m. We still do't get to spend time with her because she be to tired.

i dream | Reviewer: tiena | 1/6/05

I dream that one day i will meet beyonce and we will sing together one day

LOVE | Reviewer: MESHA BROWN | 12/31/04