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Incubus Beware! Criminal Lyrics

Last updated: 05/30/2011 11:00:00 AM

You crawl in bed. It's three AM.
You smell of wine and cigarettes.
A butterfly under the glass;
you are beautiful but you're not going anywhere.
We do the same thing every night--
I swear I've heard this song before.
A swimmer who has seen a shark,
I should really be more wary of the water.

You came, you saw, you conquered.
I'm left here guessing.
Oh, what went wrong?
Yeah I'm down but not out
And far from done.
Hey all, Beware! Criminal.

A prism with an intellect;
You throw your light selectively.
You stole my glow; a seasoned thief.
The blacks of my eyes are turning into opals
Today, I walk.
There's nothing left for me
but empty promises and the thought of
all the things I'm never getting back.

You came, you saw, you conquered
I'm left here bleeding.
Oh, what went wrong?
Yeah I'm down, but not out
And far from done.
Hey all, Beware! Ooh...
Beware! Criminal... criminal... criminal

Did you think, did you think I wouldn’t notice?
Did you think, did you think,
did you really think I wouldn’t care?
Did you think, did you think I wouldn't notice?
Did you think, did you think,
did you really think...

You came, you saw, you conquered
And I'm left here bleeding.
Oh, what went wrong?
Yeah I'm down, but not out
And far from done.
Help! Beware! Criminal

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Usery | Reviewer: BKCap | 5/30/11

This is definitely a case of condensed betrayal. Thoughtful, soulful individuals are always the most susceptible to emotional manipulation and in this case I believe it apparent that the lyrics reflect a man deeply wounded by a woman who opened up doors like no other had, only to slam it back on him without any warning. It sounds like the type of relationship that is just beginning to bloom, but has been cut short due to the female's emotional cruelty. But that's just my read, whatever the case it's a very painful experience.

cheating girl | Reviewer: derek stefanick | 10/18/10

this song is about a guy and a girl who are in a relationship but have been together so long that they girl has started to cheat as in the first verse
he knows this but loves and at same time reaching breaking point
the line about swimmers and sharks and being more wary of the water deals with him realizing that he should have paid more attention to the kind of girl she is
also the word criminal refers to him saying he spent all this time with her and that it was all for basically nothing and she stole his life and freedom since im guessing they were young and now they are not so he missed out on most of his young single freedom life
the second verse deal with him finally being fed up with her and is done with her and is moving on
also the line im down but not out means that even though he spent this time with her he is gonna make the best of his new freedom
also do you think i wouldnt notice clearly deals with her cheating but him acting like he never knew anything

well.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/08

what i would rather say 'bout this song is that the guy whos beeing used by the girl always knew it but at the point as she turns her back on him, he realizes the whole shit and well. i bet the first thing he thought was: damn ! at least i could've nailed the bitch one more time ^^

of course not so vulgar, but i think somehow it fits..well and of course he's quite pissed 'bout the fact the the bitch still has his heart...and thats what she exactly took from him.

what does this song mean. . . | Reviewer: will ricks | 12/12/07

This song sounds a lot like a guy getting used by a girl. He's calling her a criminal because she stole something from him. What in particular is unsure, but I'm assuming virginity, monogomy, or something around those parameters. Also thinking that the guy would never notice, but he always knew what was going on. Seems like he kept going back for the same thing.