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Coming soon are biographies on the individual band members.
Below is a listing of the major events that have shaped
Better Than Ezra and its members into the popular
modern-rock band that they are.

Summer 1980

13-year-old singer/guitarist Kevin Griffin's high school
rock outfit Aces Up wins a "battle of the bands" kind of
affair. First prize: The band gets to record its own 45
("Seek, Find, Destroy" b/w a cover of Kiss' "Cold Gin").

Spring 1987

Playing music throughout his formative years, Kevin finds
himself at LSU in Baton More...

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Review about Better Than Ezra songs
Noting will ever be this special again - our love our heat will never die | Reviewer: Miranda Phyllis Anique
    ------ About the song Special performed by Better Than Ezra

These two people were such a "special fit" the no one else in the world can replace this connection. They both went temporarily insane and list each other. Will either of the ever find something this special ever again ?!?!?

Amazing | Reviewer: Morgan
    ------ About the song Our Last Night performed by Better Than Ezra

This song brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it. I never have been a big fan of Better Then Ezra but after I heard this song my whole opion changed on them. I love how this song represents how sometimes goodbyes can be a new hello.

life is short | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Special performed by Better Than Ezra

this is about a man or woman who lost their significant other and who much they miss them , but how theyre going to be in their life forever bc their legacy will always continue. They were deeply in love and they will love again one day but they wont know love as far as they did with the person that died.

A fantastic song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Our Last Night performed by Better Than Ezra

The parting of ways. There many ways that happens and we've all had to part ways in some way. This song is also full of nostalgia and brings to my mind thoughts of a happy place and time passed since. It is more poingant now that the gentleman who made sure we had a great time each summer just passed away and I been flooded w memories to which this song is my soundtrack.

Haha | Reviewer: Mariah
    ------ About the song Juicy performed by Better Than Ezra

My whole family first heard this in the car a few years ago and I love it! I used to listen to it all the time and I just remembered it the other day and found it. I had to look up the lyrics though because you can't tell what Better Than Ezra is saying but this song is funky and cool!

What REM song? | Reviewer: Nyx
    ------ About the song A Lifetime performed by Better Than Ezra

At Better Than Ezra website in their FAQ’s many people have wondered the same thing, here is their statement:

In the song "Lifetime", the lyrics reference an R.E.M. song. What song are they talking about?
Kevin has been asked this question before and his response has been that it’s a general REM song reference. Fans have guessed that it’s several possibilities: Perfect Circle, Shiny Happy People, Drive, Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite, etc .

the r.e.m. song | Reviewer: Alli
    ------ About the song A Lifetime performed by Better Than Ezra

im not sure what rem song he was referring to in the song, but the suggestion of gardening at night probably isnt it. 3 and a half minutes isnt 3:50 its 3:30, since 30 seconds is half of a minute. its not really important i just wanted to clarify haha

great hook and fun- but serious meaning? | Reviewer: lisa
    ------ About the song Juicy performed by Better Than Ezra

I loved this song the first time I heard it, purely from the music and "juicy" because I couldn't understand the lyrics at all. After reading them over a few times, my first guess would be that it is about a guy who gets with a woman "got with someones date" got found out "you're like a soap opera cover" and now the woman he's with is into certain self-pleasing items. I think the rest of the song is a light commentary on it- like it makes these characters or society as a whole break down- "children...don't get enough to eat...dishes fly.." Like the priorities are messed up and relationships get strained. I don't know if this is even close to what they meant, but it's all I can come up with- any ideas?

Per KG in an interview with Barnes & Nobel | Reviewer: NOLa
    ------ About the song A Lifetime performed by Better Than Ezra

"The song is partly autobiographical, it was about losing a really good friend in college. And I was writing about it. But at the same time I had just read this story about when Gram Parsons died. His friends stole his casket from a cargo plane at LAX in Los Angeles. And they took his casket down to 29 Palms, a desert down in southern California. And they set his casket on fire when the sun came up, per his wishes. And I always thought that was a cool, romantic story. Somewhere along the way I decided, Wow, it would great if I could use that story in my song, and I put the two together."

I thought it was this REM song. | Reviewer: Hannuh
    ------ About the song A Lifetime performed by Better Than Ezra

I honestly thought of the song "Losing My Religion" to be the song he sang about. I don't know if that's right, but it sort of fits the song. 3:30 minutes might just be what fit, next to what actually happens. And you can tell that he added in personal expierences due to Sheep's answer. Idk. Check it. Love the song. Love Ezra :) My brother looks a lot like the lead singer. Lol.

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