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Young Buck Betta Know It Lyrics

Last updated: 11/05/2012 05:29:00 AM

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[Hook x10]
I just think you better know it
You better know it

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
Supa thug in my bandanna
Got my face covered
Watch me roll this quarter ounce blunt,
And don't waste nothin'
Bitch I know you hate me
But you won't say nothin'
Me and my AK huntin'
Since you wanna taste somethin'
I don't pay for shit
But I will take the hit
Pull the Benz out
And pull the pin out
And make 'em quit
Don't compare me to them coward niggas
You been beefin' with
Out there swimmin' in that water
We gon' see how deep it gets
We don't drive by
We get out and walk by
Bodies in the street
Yellow tape, white chalk lines
Can't afford to let em blow it
Right now I'm ready for it
Realist nigga in this rap shit
Bitch you better know it

[Hook x10]
I just think you better know it
You better know it

[Verse 2: B.G.]
Easy big dough jizzle you know what it is
I keep that 40k I get it how I live
I just got me a plane I'm bout to crack the seal
Yea pop me a pill and I'm just tryin' to chill
I'm getting niggers killed when they get out of line
Niggers be talking this but me I'm up in mine
I ain't talking and nothing I ain't playing with you bitches
Nigga I'm head hunting I'm AKing you bitches
Nigga I'm in the streets I'm in the streets for real
Whatever you wanna deal I'm trying to get the rims
Nigga I'm in the field oh I ain't never scared
The only one thing I'm seeing is the motherfucking beef

[Hook x10]
I just think you better know it
You better know it

[Verse 3: Young Buck]
26 inches
A problem, I just bought me
This should be ridiculous,
Niggas kill for this versace
First I hit the lights
Hit the gas
Watch me open up my stash
I reach in, get my strap
Yeah, then put on my mask
Got a face full of teardrops
Still you ain't no goon
Niggas die right here on this block
This ain't no cartoon
Put bulletholes all in ya gucci hat
Let you pick the spot
On where to let a nigga
Shoot ya ass
Chopper cut ya head
Hit his leg till it strike out
Let him think he made it
Then ya knock his whole life out
Borrow money bitch
Go to jail, I'm gettin' right out
Stop and see my kids
Then I'm on the next flight out

[Hook x10]
I just think you better know it
You better know it

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