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The Saddle Club Best Friends True Friends Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2012 06:04:28 AM

grab my hand pull ur self
up to the stars i won't let
you fall keep ahold of my
heart and faith cuz we are
best friends we are true friends
you and me till thee end we'll
have adventures over this land
we will call it our own

and we can be free forever we
can be best friends true friends
till thee end yeah just grab ahold
don't let go we'll be together in
each others heart,faith,spirit,and

just come along and go on
majical adventures with
me and starlight you can
ride patch or Angle too
don't miss out cuz we are
best friends we are true friends
and that we'll stay till thee end

best friends true friends best friends
true friends yeah

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