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Reckless Kelly Best Forever Yet Lyrics

Last updated: 06/29/2012 12:00:00 PM

She tells me that time flies indeed, it's here and then it's gone
Just like her, except time ain't needing something or someone
Living for tomorrow, will tomorrow ever come?
And I see she wants to borrow, some time that I was from
And now I know she's gonna tell me
That I'm her number one and I bet she's gonna say I'm still the best forever yet
Too much thinking and too much aching has put a big strain on my pride
I'm tired of drinking and I'm tired of taking her memory for a ride
I used to think that yesterday, we knew how to spend the time
Then I found out it was her way, of killing hers and wasting mine
And now I know that I should tell her, all that tears are gonna get her is wet
But you know I can't cause she's the best forever yet
And now I know that she don't miss me while she's doing whatever she does
And I know that she wouldn't call me if she knew where I was, even if she knew where I was
And now I know that I still miss her and I'm trying real hard to forget
And I wish somebody new was the best forever yet
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I wish somebody new was the best forever yet

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