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Well Ladies and Gents,

How are we all? I trust everyone had a good
Christmas/summer/New Year and is now back to the sadly
serious business of work and study. It has certainly been a
while between drinks so I thought it appropriate that I
give everyone a bit of an update.

Firstly, I want to say thanks to everyone who has bought
the album, come to any of the previous shows, voted in the
Triple J Hottest 100, or has tickets for the upcoming
shows. So far the whole thing has gone way beyond my
hopes for it so, again, thankyou.

I More...

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Review about Bernard Fanning songs
watch over me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Watch Over Me performed by Bernard Fanning

Thank you Bernard , tomorrow we are holding a second celebration of life for my dear Sharna who passed at the age of 51 due to the horrible M.S and other shitty problems our beautiful daughter Liss sugested this song which i do listen to as our closing song . I believe the song will do justess to how i feel . because i so miss my best friend , like you wouldnt believe . The emotion come up like huge waves which i can not stop . I met my soul mate when she was sixteen some nearly 40 years ago . and the last ten years was 24 hours a day . No regrets & thank you im a bit upset catch up again kev

Tip my hat to ya | Reviewer: Lee Jay Hunter
    ------ About the song Wish You Well performed by Bernard Fanning

There is so much power in not surrendering to hate and not getting stuck in the "why me?" syndrome.

It is so much more poignant when it comes from a man expressing his feelings, so raw honest and passionate

The realisation that we don't always get the answers we need, ' didn't see the warning bell ' and ' why did you give up on me so soon' comes sooner or later but the real truth and where there is glorious liberation is when you can still forgive without these answers ' I just wanna wish you well '

Mr Fanning thank you from a generation of men who just wanna wish you well!

Only memories left | Reviewer: Nathan
    ------ About the song Watch Over Me performed by Bernard Fanning

My darling wife of almost 10 years, friend for thirty, mother of our two children. Born to eternal life at 31 years young. Another victim of breast cancer may you rest in peace Tracy. This song tells my story like nothing else and we used it at her fairwell service. Thank you bernsta

My Best Mate | Reviewer: MissRawrsome
    ------ About the song Watch Over Me performed by Bernard Fanning

I love this song becoz it to me represents my best friend kyle. Hes never let me down and always looking out for me. the song makes me cry becoz hes the closes person i have to family and im grateful to have him in my life to me hes my angel and forever blessed to have him in my life. xoxo

response to a loving daughter | 10/26/09 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Watch Over Me performed by Bernard Fanning

a loving daughter | 10/26/09, how very blessed was your mum to have you as a loving daughter. I'm certain that she was so happy to have met her grandchild. You will have your mum with you, close to your heart, all you life.

Words of truth | Reviewer: a loving daughter
    ------ About the song Watch Over Me performed by Bernard Fanning

I lost my mum 5 months ago and this song makes me feel close to her. Life and death are so comlicated. I miss my mum everyday and I am so sad that she will not be able to watch her grandson grow up. She longed to be a grandmother for a very long time and died 3 months after his birth. That's the hardest part.

Rest in peace mum i will always remember you.


Unbeleivable | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song Watch Over Me performed by Bernard Fanning

Back in February 1994 I have lost then dearest person in my life. Due to very complicated circumstances I was not able to attend funeral. Ever since every time sun shines down on me I credit it to the person I have lost so long ago. You wrote the song straight from my heart and I thank you. There is no song ever written that touched my soul and cut it so deep. But don't worry, even the deepest cuts heal. Your song is a cure for mine. And for that I thank you...

cheaters never win! | Reviewer: kat
    ------ About the song Wish You Well performed by Bernard Fanning

this album was solely produced by bernard as his girlfriend slept with another member of Powderfinger. It's rawness is fantastic and the construction of the songs allows us to go through each emotion with him - such as wish you well. "won't be long til the truth comes out". Fortunately Powderfinger reformed and we all live happily ever after!

what an artist | Reviewer: ste gregory
    ------ About the song Wish You Well performed by Bernard Fanning

my friend brought the album tea and sympathy back from a backpacking tour in australia and as soon as i heard it i was knocked over by the way in which this man writes songs he truly is gifted . i heard lots of whispers comparing his talent to bob dylans early work and i have to say that as a massive dylan fan these claims do not fall short of the mark whatsoever he just needs to bring his brand of folky acoustic rock to the uk so everyone who hasnt heard of him can enjoy it.

Brilliant | Reviewer: teresa
    ------ About the song The Strangest Thing performed by Bernard Fanning

Moments of brilliance that we see on Bernard's Tea & Sympathy album can only come from a special place. It is sad to think this is a "break up" album, which he wrote while his long term relationship was ending, but so incredible that such rich lyrics and philosophies and beautiful tunes can come out of something that was a sad place. Bernards best work, Better than all of his work in Powderfinger (yes, I know, its a big call!) This one is my favourite, especially.."I looked deep into the heart of you - its a mesmerising view" - beautiful! Thanks Bernard x x x

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