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The Benzino Remix Project is a testament to the 15 years of
hard work and determination that has won hip-hop producer
and lyricist Ray Benzino the respect of his peers. As one
third of the production team, Hangmen 3, he has produced
tracks for some of hip-hop’s biggest stars including Nas
and Mobb Deep. Yet Benzino is a man of many dimensions, who
can also kick spitfire rhymes with the best of them--and he
proves it on his latest release The Benzino Remix Project.

Executive Produced by Raymond “Benzino” Scott with creative
direction More...

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Review about Benzino songs
The Truth | Reviewer: G.O.D.
    ------ About the song Look Into My Eyes performed by Benzino

I don't know fucking Zino anyway,but ok,the song is nice.In my own hip hop scala it gets a strong 3.But,what tha fuck-Benzino vs Eminem?C'mon,Em will eat this sucka alive!As an artist,Benz might be good but as a diss track writer he sucks-theres no better battle rappers or diss tracks writers than Eminem.He is talkin' about his own , real life,while Benzino can only speak about his fucking sissy magazine and his bitch ass niggaz who never saw true life.So,FUCK BENZINO AND HIS PHUNK-ASS BACKSTABBERS!

Y'all know how foul-mouthed Slim Shady is | Reviewer: Micfit
    ------ About the song Built For This (Eminem Diss) performed by Benzino

I must confess, Em is da best rapper among da rest, so Benzino should giv Em dat respect. No matter how Benz shout he cant be heard but wen Em whispers da entire world hears me. Em rilly killed Benz on ''Nail In The Coffin'' da track got me laffin. Marshall Mathers is da rappers master. Em is da best rapper alive, period.

You suck. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Look Into My Eyes performed by Benzino

Zno, you're Fucking stupid. Just cause Eminem Isnt black Doesnt mean he cant be in hip hop. If black people Didnt like him then he wouldnt be in hip hop. He'll be out, and now he's bigger than ever. After all these years now he's more famous than your dumb ass. He's known for having 60 million likes on fb more than anybody else. I bet your Fucking ass has a little. Yeah Eminem had some issues but nobody aint perfect, at least he's man enough to admit them. And now you Arent even famous. I Didnt even know who the Fuck you were. Eminem won the war cause you lost everything. So Fuck off bitch. Eminem is better

Listen... | Reviewer: Twt
    ------ About the song Look Into My Eyes performed by Benzino

Man, i'm a big Em men, but you guys are giving a bunch of hate to Benzino, and he's a real dude from the projects. Em lived in the outskirts of Detroit, but he's friends where from the hood like Proof, but yeah, eminem when he was young he was kind of not the hip-hop Eminem, you can find pictures of him with a lamme pink shirt, but later on you find videos before we was famous doing freestyles back in Detroit and he looked normal, with baggy jeans all that stuff. To sum it up, yeah, Em ISN'T from the hood, he was just poor and lived on a trailer park and hanged around in the hood. Benzino was a real dude, this all beef is sad. Props!

look up | Reviewer: Nnatrex
    ------ About the song Die Another Day performed by Benzino

Eminem: Nail in the Coffin. this is his best diss made, and practically ended benzino for good. The Sauce by eminem got him fired from the source magazine. it was too late though. the source and benzino were both ruined by eminem, 50, and d12. i cant believe how eminem can trash the careers and lives of his enemies. anybody fucking with him now is just plain stupid. if you fuck with em, you dont deserve a career, let alone one in rapping. nuther douche destroyed.

GAY BENZINO not RAY, GAY!!! | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Die Another Day performed by Benzino


Well He's Fulla | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Look Into My Eyes performed by Benzino

that's because u like it since he puts racism into his work just cause he disliked eminems verse in without me cause he wasn't man enough to face 50 cent and his whole g-unit crew that's why he was bitched out by dr. dre on shit hits the fan that's why eminem killed him lyrically in nail in the coffin and also the sauce that's why him and ja belong together they picking the wrong people to fight taribo you like him just cause you agree on his views against a white rapper please give me a fucking break

Look into my Eyes | Reviewer: 128th block Soldier
    ------ About the song Look Into My Eyes performed by Benzino

WOW benzino ur a lil bitch, u think ur threalist since PAC....Ur a fuckin joke i was actually startin 2 like that till u said that...ur NO WHERE even close 2 PAC lyrically.
and u claim ur from da projects and EM aint...dogg, ur from Boston and Em iz from Detroit...the D iz WAY worse...Fuckin punk.
ZINO U a bitch

Complete copy | Reviewer: bryttanye
    ------ About the song Look Into My Eyes performed by Benzino

This is a complete ripoff of Eminem's "Toy Soldiers" aside from the end where he shows just what a little man he is. It shows that Eminem is the bigger MAN. He's trying to end all that crap that is going on saying that he doesn't want anyone killed, anyone's coffin to rest on his soldiers-end of "Toy Soldiers" while Benzino is saying, "you wanna end this then we'll fight it out, maybe get a few killed because I can't say it's over." It's childish and dumb.

Benzino - Look into My Eyes | Reviewer: Taribo
    ------ About the song Look Into My Eyes performed by Benzino

This sing is absoultely Brilliant and Proves Benzino is no Pussy, like eminem makes him out to be, A Much better song thatn Slim's "toy soldiers" To sum it up in one word. "BRILLIANT"

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