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Benefit was born up North but has moved over 22 times in his 22 years living. For the latter majority of his life he's lived in Florida, where he currently attends a University. Throughout his unstable childhood he found himself always inspired by music. In 1986 for Christmas he received a boom box, and the two tapes Run DMC - Raising Hell, and The Fat Boys - The Fat Boys Are Back. That point in his life would begin a never ending fascination with Hip Hop.

As Benefit grew, so did his appreciation for creativity and culture. Moving to different cities, and attending a number of extremely different schools planted a deep seeded understanding of diversity in his young mind.

While he matured, life threw many harsh realities in his path. Forever curious, he learned quickly from the abandonment, loss, and death that followed him. These experiences would teach him lessons more important than anything he could learn in school.

It wasn't until he was about 14 that he began to write down his ideas and life experiences as lyrics and orchestrate his self expression in the culture he valued so highly. Hip Hop consumed him, and soon he wasn't content with only taking part in the verbal aspects of it. The technological revolution of the early nineties had made it feasible for an individual to use a personal computer to create electronic music. Benefit realized this very early and began to teach himself how to make beats using a linear wave editor on a PC.

Once he had a decent amount of production work done, he began entering biweekly battles at "The Landz" where he would go on to be the consistent undefeated champion of every contest. It was suddenly clear that people were really feeling what he was creating. His style and sense of reality gave people what was lacking in the poppy fantasized rap they saw on TV. As Benefit finished high school and began college, he started writing, producing, and recording songs in his spare time. All of this was done using a $5 mic, and a $12 soundcard. This collection of work would unexpectedly catapult his name and ideas into the culture he loved, almost over night.

When he had unintentionally finished enough songs to fill up a CD, he decided to give the collection to a couple of people and see what their response would be. The reaction he got was far more enthusiastic than he had ever imagined. The people he had shown his music to, showed their friends, and their friends showed their friends, and suddenly the music which was never intended to be an album, rapidly spread by word of mouth, across the nation.

Since the response was so powerful, Benefit decided to set up a small web site with information about the collection of work, which had now become a self titled album, and an opportunity for people to purchase it. He began receiving letters from all over the United States, and surprisingly all over the world as well. Unexpectedly letters were coming in from all over Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The same technological revolution that had produced the PC Benefit created his Hip Hop on, had also produced the Internet, which spread his creative vision across the globe.

With absolutely no promotion at all, Benefit's self titled release grew to become a world wide phenomena in independent hip hop. People who were captivated by the foolishness of the commercial rap industry heard Benefit's work and began to value true hip hop. Young emcees found a new inspiration and realized their voices could be heard around the world as well. People who didn't even listen to hip hop were captured by the collection of music and began to look at hip hop in a new more respected light. All of this was achieved by utilizing only $17 worth of equipment, and creating hip hop music from the depths of a reality riddled soul. Torn between the desire of his family for him to finish college, and his passion for music, Benefit continued balancing both, and in doing so neglected any effort to promote his album. Still his following continued to grow.

By the summer of 2000 the Internet revolution had made it possible for people to get an artist's album free in mp3 format, and the music industry was furious. The same major labels who were getting rich off of poor quality music and ignorant rap artists, were now losing profits due to trading of mp3's through software like Napster. Chuck D of the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy took it upon himself to use his voice to protect our right to trade digital information online. In conjunction with his web site, Napster and Chuck D sponsored a contest where an emcee would make a track expressing their support for Napster and free information trade. The power was given to the people, and they were able to vote for the winner, who would then receive $5000. More than 800 emcees entered the contest, including Benefit. When Chuck D heard Benefit's entry he immediately told his manager he knew Benefit's was by far the best. When the contest ended and the votes were all counted, it wasn't even close. Benefit had won the $5000 by thousands of votes.

He used his prize money to begin building his professional studio, and further his music, but the promotion the contest gave him was much more valuable than the $5000. Millions of people used Napster, and now Benefit's name was displayed on the software for every user to see, and hear music from. A year after his debut release had exploded in the underground hip hop scene, it was elevated to a new level with the help of Chuck D and Napster. Still Benefit focused on college, and put no effort in promoting his work, and still his music promoted itself.

Now with a soon to be classic release in the works, Benefit is building his label, delivering dope production work to hungry artists, and preparing an unparralleled album in an effort to bring Hip Hop out of its slump and into its rightfully deserved position. Look for the new release at the end of the summer.

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Not benefits | Reviewer: Danielle | 9/10/14

Benefit stole so sick song yo. That's shits crazy, and I ain't gonna say shit else I , we intend to prove it. 1190 am radio station in denver Colorado has the original song and gave studio time to create this song.

Benefit is a dear friend of mine | Reviewer: Gentlemen's Academy | 8/8/14

"You wish" is a fool. He says that the "roomer" that benefit stole his name and art from a black guy who couldn't perform due to his incarceration. I don't know where he would have heard this "roomer" or why he would blindly believe and perpetuate it, but he is a total ass. Benefit has spent countless years perfecting his craft and getting his juice. He's original and makes most of his production work. He is back and is working with Mr. Green. He has many new verses out with big name features. Atmosphere just posted one of his newer tracks on YouTube. The song is called "Human in Disguise". Everyone, know what you are talking about. Benny is back and no one can fuck with his spirit, talent, and righteousness.

The more things change....... | Reviewer: You Wish | 6/28/14

.....the more they stay the same!

Benefit is a Thief.......roomers are, he stole both his stage name, and his music from a dis-advantaged African American Male who was unable to perform while incarcerated for joy-ridding. The real Artist, Benefit, began rapping in 1996. As usual, Black Artists are robbed of their ideas to fatten the pockets of greedy, no-rhythm, White thieves! This situation is no different.

Good News Guys | Reviewer: brandon | 8/11/13

Benefit is back hes making music again and its coming out soon his new twitter account is @BenefitOfficial it took 12 years but hes back ive talked to him a few times in the past 4 years an he just kept saying soon, then the other day i got an email from his lable telling me hes back!!!!

a legend has gone | Reviewer: andres | 6/18/13

Benefit should really come back his beats were flawless he rapped way better and knew better things about the government, then immortal technique his vocabulary was very good his flow was great.
I found out about benefit last year the first song i heard was supreme i though it was freaking fresh man after that i listened too all his songs and battles trying to look for new raps but sadly no but hopefully he comes back someday.

How I found Out About Benefit | Reviewer: David Mc | 2/5/13

I got goose bumps reading this while listing to the album, I remember my buddy from back in the day show me this dude, me and him dont talk due to some backstabbing actions, but still im so glad he showed me Benefit, it was the Warp to Worl 69 that hooked me then So Sick and I found all his songs one by one on Kazzaa way back I think in 1999-2000, or 2001 , good shit i also had some of the battles goos shit i wanna find out how much his beats are I want one

benefit | Reviewer: jbird719 | 10/6/12

Ya ibeen listening to him for a bit ya he is pretty filing sick I'd hard to figure him out proceed with caution is right so sick Mario one whatever that ones called I used to have a good ten songs from him ya hip hop is dying more n more everyday

Where is Benefit? | Reviewer: Richard | 8/26/11

I got hooked with "so sick" back in the summer of 2001, just wondering if anyone knows anything about him or any new work from him? He is THE best rapper alive, and much more than that, his work is pure art. The last I knew of him was an album with or called Dangerous Minds, after that I do not know what happened, however it was not his album so he just featured in some of the tracks, still, SICK. Another good song, Dreamin in Hell. If anyone knows anything let me know

he inspired me | Reviewer: RITCHRAFT | 7/17/11

the day i heard warp to world 6-9 i was hooked on him and itt ook me 2 weeeks to figure out that it was benefit that made that song i ahdent really like hip-hop before that but its the greatest thign eevr to me now he ahs the sickest beats and punchliens that are original i wish he was still producing id pay him so much for just one last song

Impressive. | Reviewer: Joseph Hawkins | 3/1/11

I think it was like 5 years ago that I heard Warp to World 6-9 and because of my young age just thought it was funny and listened to it over and over again. I eventually grew tired of it and moved on to different genres of music. But I recently heard it again and decided to look up what else he has done. I bought his album on iTunes and listened to Proceed With Caution 30 times non-stop. Since I have bought it I have listened to the album countless times. His songs are real and not talking about how money and sex like all the mainstream rappers out there right now. His voice is just wonderful to listen to and the beats are sick as fuck. On my list of musicians he's number 2 or 3. I don't know what he's been up to since he made B.E.N.E.F.I.T. but he needs to make more music, he has amazing rapping skills and should put himself out there again. I'm tired of Lil' Wayne and Lady Gaga, I want more Benefit.

this man is legend | Reviewer: colbi mitchell | 4/24/10

I love benefit he has alot of insperation on me because of him I'm going to make my own album he's real he's no fake mc he's the best and he always will be I mean he is so good he dosent have to have a demo pepole just find his music I would love to meet him tall to him heck interview this legend I may not be a part of it but I'd like to witness and the rappers today don't what's up there rapping bout clubs hoes druge and killing ppl benefit he's about truth and he's tlling it about the times on the streets about bad situtions about life not usless matereal things but real sh*t

Hes illsick | Reviewer: Michael Cummings | 4/1/10

Man One Of The Best If Not The Best Alive Man Hes One Of The Reason I Got Into Hip Hop Hes twice as good as anything or anybody ouut there he'll Beast Allover Every And Any Rapper Hes A Reason Why I'm Trying To Get Into The Game Benefit Is The Definition Of Master Of Ceremonies Or M.C.'S

Wow | Reviewer: Kagmere | 1/7/10

A good way of comparing the story telling aspect of Benefit is to that of Brother Ali.. Benefit has a sick flow and insane vocabulary, for instance United States of America... Without doubt, one of the most devoted and true underground hiphop artists.. wouldn't sell out for shady and will never do so.. Amazing artist period

true indi rap | Reviewer: JohnKnapp319 | 12/15/09

benefit... whats is there to say i mean its one thing to use the types of words he does and to be as relevent as he is for as long of lines he puts out is what makes him standout from all the others sometimes you have to listen to a track over and over and over to get half of the meaning and for the people who dont like him its to a lack of vocabulary but there are those people who are like WOW! big words but never hear the songs meaning they need to pick up a dictionary

Song title? | Reviewer: Jay | 9/28/09

I cant find this benefit song anywhere maybe someone can help me out. i will post what lyrics i do know. i think this is the lyrics to the start of the second verse, im sorry if the lyrics are a bit broken or just flat out wrong.......
As your lacking on the battle me back your style runs out faster then a battery pack that's not rechargeable with my battle ram i charge you, like Ru Paul your feminine full of estrogen BENEFIT will burn you faster then a solar wind it's a shame you stepped to me your condition E.L.D. stands for extraordinary, lyrical, deficiency, when i deteriorate lyrics then you'll whiter in faster then a Somalian to pop the vitamins your patience nowhere near the speed photon generation i move faster then licaration quantum teleportation im the sickest mc sicker then hiv sicker then the illest life form in the celestial galaxy im the illest mc to ever touch planet 3 my memory will surpass a million AD. ANYONE?

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