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Rich Kidz Bend Over Lyrics

Last updated: 07/01/2012 12:00:00 PM

Bottom line
No need to climb on top of me
Bend over
Now don't you run from me [x3]
Bottom line
No need to climb on top of me
Bend over
Now don't you run from me [x3]

[Verse 1: Sabo]
We got them checks up
She fuckin' with a winner
I'm at a straight crab
And I'm a Steak dinner
I'm mack-a-doshis
Givin' O.J that dope dick
I'm nothin' like ya man
Lil baby that nigga so weak
I LV the sneakers
And double G her pumps
I'm on her for breakfat
She havin' me for lunch
She say safety precaution cus it's slippery when it's wet
Ain't tryina catch no fall so she tell me to watch my step
And you know I'm a Rich Kid
I ain't gotta brag
Bitches digg my pimpin' so they give me face like wash rags
She say Sabo I fuck with you cus you a boss cat
Now come and hit it from the back with yo dog ass


[Verse 2: Keleb]
(Ha) I got more keys then a prison gaurd
I'm fly as tweety bird
Fresher then an Altoid
I still rock the trues
Never been a liar dude
I get more ass then a fastfood toilet stool
Smokin out my outfit
Yea bitch that's geezer
Fuck with pretty kind bitches but I'm stiff on skezers
I'm hotter then a feaver
My pockets got the meezles
I needa bad bitch
For example who
We got the whole city bendin over
She ride the dick real good
A lady rolorcoster
Told het tp turn it 'round, arch her back and bend it over
And she my purple heart girl
Yea my lil solider


[Verse 3: Skooly]
Switchin' positions like we dancin'
Oh how I like in the bed and get demandin'
Yea, We bout to Chris Brown run it
I beat it beat it beat it till u feel it in your stomach
I'm so high and I don't wanna come down
Please don't be silent I wanna hear every sound
At the club u promised you was ready
I am only tryina feel the water in ya belly
Back door side door
That's just how we see each other
We wanna freak each other
Thatss how we meet each other
Oops I mean we met each other
We wanna sex each other
That's right molest each other
They just gone arrest each other