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Ben Lee. His songs are melded visions of strict
autobiography and megalomaniacal revolutionary escapism.
Weaving fragile lines between melodic story telling, sharp
songwriting and a developing self awareness, his tunes are
portraits of ideas and emotions that often transcend the
boundaries of their creator. Ben's songs exist in the world
where a commitment to adventure and reckless ambition are
the only recognizable landmarks, as he sings about his
personal observations on Life, Love and the Universe.

Ben Lee made his auspicious More...

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Review about Ben Lee songs
Dance when people say you can't... | Reviewer: Linda Y
    ------ About the song What's So Bad (About Feeling Good?) performed by Ben Lee

I heard this while traveling and thought the words and music were good. Furthermore if when you dance or sing being great at it isn't REQUIRED; it is the joy it brings you and only you that matters.

delusion | Reviewer: splat
    ------ About the song Gamble Everything For Love performed by Ben Lee

I remember first seeing the music video for this song on abc's music program Rage.
I was young, and I liked this song. After all, I did consider myself a romantic.

Six years later, I found myself singing the song in the shower. But not in the strangely hopeful and sing-a-long way I did before; but in a tragically delusional voice, self-aware of what this song really means.

It is a strange song. It doesn't mean what it says.

loved it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We're All In The Together performed by Ben Lee

i know ppl say its too repetitive but i love it so much i dont mind hearing it all a few times over! its a great song with a good meaning and yes the lyrics are slightly corny but that just makes it better!

Great!!! | Reviewer: Rebecca :)
    ------ About the song We're All In The Together performed by Ben Lee

I am doing this dong for my english presentation for lyrics. its so good i love it!!! it has so much meaning and everyone should read the lyrics and really think about what it means to them!!
:) We are all in this together!!!! its true....

A deeper Review ;) | Reviewer: Jacqui ^-^
    ------ About the song We're All In The Together performed by Ben Lee

While some think this song repetitive and boring, I argue that I believe Ben Lee is simply trying to get a point across: We are all in this together!

This phrase can have a wide range of depth, from something you could just glance at to something you can think about hours on end, agreeing with it and finding new reasons why this song rocks so much!

Some people also think it is corny, with lyrics like "You're made of atoms, I'm made of atoms", however this is one perfect example of why the main phrase is so powerful and meaningful. Think about it: That person you hate is just as human as you are! You're both made of atoms, so why not get along?!

This song has very, very good music. It's mainly just the guitar and Ben, but they manage to keep a great, but slow, beat. I think one reason why someone wouldn't like this song (other than how repetitive it is) is because of it's slow beat, which does compliment the repetitiveness (sp?).

I love this song how it is, but I believe it would be very cool if they gave it a faster beat and put in a few more instruments, like the electric and bass guitar and drums.

[All in all]
Well done Ben Lee and all those apart of making this song. It rocks!!

awsum song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We're All In The Together performed by Ben Lee

I love this song!!!!!!
i am in grade six and we are singing it at our grade six graduation and i think this song has a lot of meaning to it and i hope you all listen to it because it is a great song!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet | Reviewer: Verytrixie
    ------ About the song Ache For You performed by Ben Lee

This song is absolutley sweet, charming and innoccent. It expresses pretty well the confusion one experiences on the cusp of a romance or the end of one.

Classic Ben Lee really, and I love it.

Is This Review Heplful to you | Reviewer: Fred
    ------ About the song We're All In The Together performed by Ben Lee

I like ben lee and i like this song we are alkl in this together.
the reason why i like it is because when the red sheild appeal was on we listen to this sing and i loved it ever since and my sister downloaded it and i listen to it every night i think every should listen to this song when they get the chance to because you will love this song and when you listen to it you should read the ltrics to because they are really cool

HOw can that be!!! | Reviewer: PJ
    ------ About the song HOW CAN THAT BE? performed by Ben Lee

Ben lee is awesome, his songs just get better n better. this song is soo cooky and fun its so awesome n catchy. i love it.

! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song We 're All In This Together performed by Ben Lee



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