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what's your full name? benjamin lev kweller

where were you born? san fransisco, CA. we moved to emory,
Texas when i was only a few months old, and then up the
road thirty miles to a larger town called greenville. i
consider greenville my home town.

Where do you live now?: well, in may of ‘99 i moved to
Guilford, CT (that's outside of New Haven) to live with my
girlfriend Liz. in november we decided to move to New York
and stumbled upon this great place in Brooklyn. and i don't
plan on moving anytime soon after seeing how hard it was More...

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Reviews about Ben Kweller songs

amazing | Reviewer: jimi
    ------ About the song Sundress performed by Ben Kweller

for whatever reason i'm just now being exposed to some kweller. sundress is one of my favorite kweller songs so far. it is an amazing work. inspirational indeed for a wanna be musician like myself.

believer | Reviewer: rachael
    ------ About the song Believer performed by Ben Kweller

i love this song and listen to it constantly. it seems to be a love song for music because from someone else's pain comes a beautiful song that someone can relate to with their own lives, in a way helping them out.

it's such a great song! ben kwellerrrryay.


what an idiot | Reviewer: omg haha
    ------ About the song Wasted & Ready performed by Ben Kweller

this song is so good , i love it. obviously you dont no music eh?

Penny On The Train Track | Reviewer: Amber
    ------ About the song Penny On The Train Track performed by Ben Kweller

Omg its such a feel good song,
i love it, Ben Kweller is awesome.
The video is good too, it just makes me smile, bubbie is so cute
10/10 love it

YESS | Reviewer: Justin Sanity
    ------ About the song Panamanian Girl performed by Ben Kweller

i love this song. its amazing. Ben Kweller is one of my biggest influences to play guitar. he's awesome. great lyrics.

Hilarious | Reviewer: Smithhhh
    ------ About the song BK Baby performed by Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller is so amazing and this song is hilarious.

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