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Formed in 1994 in the keyboard-unfriendly environs of
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Ben Folds Five started out
with one big advantage over rival piano-led rock quintets;
there were only three of them. Inspired by Nirvana's sinewy
example ("They were great! It was like having The Who or
someone around again"), this was a power trio with not an
ounce of spare fat.

Already lean and hungry from making More...

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Review about Ben Folds Five songs
Ben Folds "Magic" etherial | Reviewer: Alan Carlisle
    ------ About the song Magic performed by Ben Folds Five

There is something about this song that transports me to another place and time in my life. It is truly magic for me. The version I listen to all the time is in the University A Capella album. It is sublime.

ummmm | Reviewer: me
    ------ About the song Video Killed The Radio Star performed by Ben Folds Five

just to clarify... this is a cover, so technically its one of the best songs of an older era redone by a great band. and we all makes mistakes 'writeing' lyrics you're right. but its ironic you misspell a word when complaining about typos. And chances are they copied and pasted the original lyrics and bf5 redid them a tad. just sayin....

thoughts on these lyrics. | Reviewer: Rose
    ------ About the song Brick performed by Ben Folds Five

It seems to me that it's the day after Christmas for 2 reasons, first, as mentioned before, he is selling his gifts to get some money. It also mentions that her parents went to Charlotte, likely for the holiday, so they won't 'find us out'. I imagine it would be hard to explain where you were going at 6am if your parents were home.

The day after Christmas... | Reviewer: Kent
    ------ About the song Brick performed by Ben Folds Five meaningful for several reasons. Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness, but for the couple in the song, it is not. Further, Christmas is the celebrated birth date of Jesus, the christened one, whose birth and subsequent death should eradicate death, should give the world hope.

However, the couple's baby will never be born, and the hope a child can give the world (for what is a child but the hope of a brighter future-a better world) will not be theirs--at least not now. In this instance death brings no future, no hope--only sadness and loneliness.

great song | Reviewer: daniel
    ------ About the song The Luckiest performed by Ben Folds Five

if you ever loved someone with all your heart this song will make you reflect on your life before your partner and will help you realize everything you have done was preparing you for that special person!

Correction on Listen to this one closely | Reviewer: djyueng
    ------ About the song Leather Jacket performed by Ben Folds Five

Just to follow-up on Jeanette's review, this song was actually written by Darren Jessee, the drummer for Ben Folds Five and now front-man for Hotel Lights. He also is an excellent lyricist, though, in his own right.

Aftermath | Reviewer: daddy t
    ------ About the song Brick performed by Ben Folds Five

I haven’t heard the song “BRICK” yet but I read the lyrics. At first I didn’t understand completely what it was about, until I read some comments of Ben Folds’ Fans.

There is no antidote or anecdote that I know of to eradicate the unfathomable sadness of the situation depicted in “BRICK”. The pain never goes away.

The survivors must just live on - as “the living dead” because of their loss - and stay together (which is best I think) or go their separate ways - which lessens the pain not at all.

Suicide probably doesn’t help either, although I haven’t the nerve to try THAT yet.

Reading the book TILLY by Frank E. Peretti helps a little if you can make it through the pages and see the words through your tear-flooded eyes.

about xmas | Reviewer: blake
    ------ About the song Brick performed by Ben Folds Five

alex, to answer your question about the signifigance it was the day after x-mas in the song, it's relavant to the line in the second verse where he is selling some gifts that he got. Those gifts were xmas presents and he is selling them to help pay for the abortion since he cannot ask his (or her) parents for help.

Decision | Reviewer: Nicholas Benbenji
    ------ About the song Brick performed by Ben Folds Five

The hardest decision to kill the result of love between 2 person... what ever the outcome is... there will always be regret and what-if... hope that all ppl who have been through it can let go and be healthy again...

the reason | Reviewer: eric
    ------ About the song Brick performed by Ben Folds Five

Hey the reason he wrote the song is because it happened to him and his girfrield when he was in hight school. They had a abortion. he tells the story in a interview.

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