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Belly Biography

Last updated: 03/11/2013 01:56:40 PM

Belly is an "alternative rock" band based in Newport, Rhode Island. The band was formed in Boston in 1991 when Tanya Donelly (vocals and guitar) left The Breeders and met up with the Gorman brothers, Chris (drums and percussion) and Thomas (keyboard and guitar), and Fred Abong (bass), a fellow musician from her days with Throwing Muses. They released the singles "Slow Dust", "Gepetto", and "Feed the Tree" before releasing their debut album, "Star", on January 23, 1993. "Star" was a critical success as well as a gold selling album in the US and a silver selling album in the UK. "Star" earned Belly two Grammy nominations and two MTV award nominations.

When Fred Abong left the band a short time following the release of "Star", Leslie Langston (bass and vocals) filled in for awhile before Gail Greenwood (bass and vocals) was recruited. With Gail, Belly toured all of 1993. In December of that year, the band went into the studio to produce a new album. "King" was released on February 13, 1995. "King", while also having received critical acclaim, did not fare as well in sales. Nevertheless, Belly toured much of 1995, to the cheer of many fans.

The band split on July 26, 1996 with an official statement released from their record label 4AD.