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Nazgul Bellum (Humanes Resistentes Superavit) Lyrics

Last updated: 03/22/2003 06:03:28 AM

Solum telis conspergitur
Scuta et cavae galeae ictibus personant...
Asperum proelium committitur.
Tantum sub occasum solis
In acie conspersa cadaveribus
Pugnatur usque ad extremum...
Duces utriusque exercitus concurrunt.
Orkian conicit telum suum irrumpens in gulam
Et infigens in imo pectore hostis;
Nigrum vulnus emittit magnam vim sanguinis spumosi
Et ferrum calescit in transfixa officina spirandi.
Arma Baazgor resonant...
Tollit gladium percutiens formidolose...
Ferrum scindit frontem dividens medium caput
Usque ad genas,
Caput diffissum aequaliter inclinat
Ad utrosque umeros,
Perficientes bellum.


The soil is strew with darts, the shields
And the hollow elms thunder under the blows... a hard
Fight is to start.
Just at dusk take place the last duel
On a battlefield full of corpse... the chiefs of the two
Armies are face to face.
Orkian fling his javelin entering the
Oesophagus and sticking into his opponent's thorax;
The black gash squirts a foamy gush and
The iron gets hot in the transfixed organ.
Baazgor's weapon thunder... he raise up his
Sword flinging a tremendous blow, the blade
Split in the head in two... the head devided into
Two equal parts hang down on both shoulders,
Ending the human resistance.