Bellefire Albums

  • Spin The Wheel Album (7/12/2004)
    Say Something Anyway
    You Were Meant For Me
    Spin The Wheel
    What Hurts The Most
    Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
    Pieces Of You
    Sold Out
    Can't Cry Hard Enough
    I Need To Be Next To You
    I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me
    Don't Know Why
    Not Letting Go

  • After The Rain Album (4/15/2002)
    Perfect Bliss
    I Wish I Could But I Can't
    Anywhere Anytime
    Buzzstyle (Find My Way)
    Get You Out Of My Mind
    I Can Make You Fall In Love Again
    All The Money In The World
    Don't Let Me Down
    The Flame
    If Living Is Without You
    Each Step That I Take
    Tell Me Now
    All I Want Is You

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