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Belle and Sebastian were formed in an all-night café in
Glasgow, January 1996. Stuart Murdoch (singer/songwriter)
and Stuart David (bass guitar) met on a government training
scheme and recorded some demos, which were picked up by a
Jeepster scout who was taking part in the Stow College
Music Business Course. The course, run by ex-Associate Alan
Rankine, produces and releases one record every year on the
college label Electric Honey Records, usually a single.
However in the case of Belle and Sebastian they had enough
songs to record a More...

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Review about Belle & Sebastian songs
Opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying performed by Belle & Sebastian

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Everyone will have a different opinion. Some may not like this song, but for some, this might be their favourite song. Rather than arguing over whether you think this song is the best, can't we all just agree that we've come to this page for a reason - and that's because we are interested in this particular song. Whether we like it or not, whether we think it's the best that Belle and Sebastien have done or not is irrelevant.

Got it | Reviewer: AM
    ------ About the song Mayfly performed by Belle & Sebastian

Dear Liz, you have this one down, unlike most scribes out there. Quite a few versions are uncorrect, this one's the one I hear and understand. Makes sense now. Many thanks.


crazy people | Reviewer: cheyenne
    ------ About the song Dress Up In You performed by Belle & Sebastian

look at all theese crazy people their out always forever now people r tired who cares what we do now ..hi hi hi.they get so high ...omg ....looks like people look at me ...crazy PEOPLE in this place ...lalala

B&S gets it right this time | Reviewer: Andrew M
    ------ About the song Mornington Crescent performed by Belle & Sebastian

Probably one of the best of the newer Belle and Sebastian songs. Woven not only into the words, but into the simplicity of the music is a great amount of emotion. The instrumental interlude is a work of genius. Some of their more recent music has clearly been subject to more mainstream influences; what makes this song wonderful is its mixture of that mainstream sound and the more classic Belle and Sebastian multi-layered lyricism in perfect proportion.

Caught in Love | Reviewer: Kit
    ------ About the song If You Find Yourself Caught In Love performed by Belle & Sebastian

It's a song about different types of love. He transcends the cycle of romantic love to feel platonic love for mankind. I think it's beautiful, really. And, obviously, very driven by Belle and Sebastian's Christian ideals. I typically don't love religious appeals, but when it begets something this beautiful, I'll stand for it.

okay | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying performed by Belle & Sebastian

i've been listening to belle and sebastian since they released dear catastrophe waitress and i've got to agree this is definitely one of their best. i didn't even realise they were that popular nowadays; i didnt think anyone had noticed they were on forgetting sarah marshall!

Possibly | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song Wrapped Up In Books performed by Belle & Sebastian

It's possible it could refer to the Rainbow Bridge at the Niagara Falls, but I think the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo is more plausible, especially when you take into consideration how many other B&S songs refer to Japan e.g. mentions of Tokyo and Harajuku in "I'm a Cuckoo".

Fits to me | Reviewer: Ricky
    ------ About the song I'm A Cuckoo performed by Belle & Sebastian

I've loved this song for 6 years now and never tried to understand the message; now that I'm in the exactly same situation I understand everything and enjoy it even more!!!! Feel desperation, feel like loosing the best thing ever had, feel like wanting to do anything to get it back

I love belle & sebastian | Reviewer: anymous
    ------ About the song Another Sunny Day performed by Belle & Sebastian

such a great song, its lyrics are sad and happy at the same time. I especially love the part about eskimos, where she misses his eye and they have their first kiss instead. beautiful, keep on belle & sebastian!

you guys are sellouts | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying performed by Belle & Sebastian

this is a great song. belle & sebastian are a great band. i dont understand why people are arguing on the page. its really unfair of you as a fan to get pissed off when a band goes more mainstream. god forbid they actually *want* people to hear their music and allow it to be featured in a movie.

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