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Belle Perez Biography

Last updated: 09/25/2007 12:00:00 PM

Belle took part in the selection for Eurosong in 1999. After that television appearance and the release of her debut album on September 13 - 2000, a lot happened to Belle ...

Hello World: from Neerpelt in Belgium to Los Angeles, USA.

Neerpelt - January 29, 1976
Maribel Perez is born. She has Spanish parents. 11 years later her sister Jessica is born.

Meise - 1997
Maribel is discovered on a talent show by producers Pat Renier and Jim Soulier.

Germany - 1998
Belle crosses the borders for the first time, to sign a record deal. 2 Singles are released, Maribel becomes "Belle".

Aarschot - 1999
Belle gets noticed by Antler-Subway Records. She signs a new record deal.

Londerzeel ­ 1999
Belle performs for Eurosong 1999 and Belgium gets to know Belle.

Oostende -Summer 1999
"Hello World" is a big hit on radio stations in Belgium. Foreign countries seems to be interested in Belle, especially in the States.

Brussel - August 1999
Video shoot for "Hello World".

New York - September 1999
Belle signs a deal at Priority Records in New York. She travels between Belgium and New York for photoshoots, interviews and remixes ...

Chicago - December 1999
First promo tour through the States. Disney likes Belle and "Hello World" ends up on three Soundtracks.

Tongeren - January 2000
Working on the debut album.

Danemark - February, March, April 2000
Belle visits the different EMI companies and is promoting her single. From Danemark to the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the UK.

London - April 2000
Belle becomes a top priority for EMI Europe !

Spain - May 2000
Belle becomes really popular in Spain and Italy, where her debut album is released.

Brussels - June 2000
Honey Bee is second single and is in the top 6 in Belgium.

South America - July, August 2000
Promo tour through South America. Belle visits radiostations, meets journalists and appears on lots of televisionshows in Argentina, Chili and Mexico, where she is on number one !

Berlin - September 2000
Belle performs for East European EMI's.

Italy - September 2000
Belle appears for the fourth time in one of Italy's biggest televisions shows: Festivalbar.

Leuven - September 2000
Belle presents her first album, "Hello World".

Los Angeles - September 19, 2000
Video shoot for "Honey Bee"

December 2000
The ballad "This Crazy Feeling" is released, a perfect song for the end of the year.

January 2001
Belle goes to Andorra, skiing with the people of Radio Donna, and Paul Michiels (belgian singer). Paul and Belle get to know each other better on a musical point of view and Paul really admires Belle. They have an idea ...

To benefit a Cancer Organistion in Belgium, they both sing the song "Fragile" by Sting as a duet, live on tv. Paul sings it in English, and Belle in Spanish.

March 2001
The single "Kiss & Make Up" is released, and this is the last single from the "Hello World" album. The song is extremely popular and makes sure Belle has a busy summer.

July 2001
Belle is playing on a very well known festival in Belgium called "Suikerrock", this year the festival had 100000 visitors and Belle puts on a terrific show.

In the mean time, Belle's latest single "Planet Of Love" did well on the charts, and Belle is working an a new album, to be released next year.