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Old man Wrigley lived in that white house
Down the street where i grew up
Momma used to send me over with things
We struck a friendship up
I spent a few long summers out on his old porch swing

Says he was in the war when in the navy
Lost his wife, lost his baby
Broke down and asked him one time
How ya keep from going crazy
He said I'll see my wife and son in just a little while
I asked him what he meant
He looked at me and smiled, said

I raise my hands, bow my head
I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there's more to life than just what i can see
Oh i believe

Few years later i was off at college
Talkin' to mom on the phone one night
Getting all caught up on the gossip
The ins and outs of the small town life
She said oh by the way son, old man Wrigley's died.

Later on that night, i laid there thinkin' back
Thought 'bout a couple long-lost summers
I didn't know whether to cry or laugh
If there was ever anybody deserved a ticket to the other side
It'd be that sweet old man who looked me in the eye, said

I raise my hands, bow my head
I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there's more to life than just what i can see

I can't quote the book
The chapter or the verse
You can't tell me it all ends
In a slow ride in a hearse
You know I'm more and more convinced
The longer that i live
Yeah, this can't be
No, this can't be
No, this can't be all there is

When I raise my hands, bow my head
I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red
They tell me that there's more to this than just what i can see
I believe
Oh, I
I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe

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Biggest Fan | Reviewer: Andrea Ellis | 9/24/13

Each & Every single time I hear this song I Turn it up and sing along! Yes I Cry because it Touches the Very Heart & Soul of me.Yes this song is Truly Anointed! !!!!!!! Thank you Brooks & Dunn for Sharing such a Dynamic Powerful song that Reaches us all.I Think of my Dad and Grandparents and Yes Our Sweet Saviour too.Love this Song!! Love y'all too.Keep up the good work and look forwards to More Wounderfull Moving songs.My God Contenue to Pure out his Blessing upon you all.

Moving Song | Reviewer: Kevin | 2/3/11

My mentor growing up was my Grandfather. He passed away 30 years ago. This song makes me think of our relationship and brings a tear to these old eyes every time I listen to it. Only a country boy understands what it means when someone says, "It feels good to be sad". RIP Gramps!

Still believing.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/09

I first heard this song in September, 2005. I had just lost my "Daddy" two weeks before and Hurricane Katrina had just ripped my home state apart. I told my Daddy before he died to "Just Believe". During his entire life, he always "believed". When I heard this song, I cried and wanted to hear it again and again. Somehow it comforted me as a sign from my Daddy that he was okay. Sounds weird but I still love hearing this song. Brooks and Dunn has always been my favorite C&W group. Thank you Brooks and Dunn for help in healing.

Touching and Moving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

Well, I can't "believe" I heard this song for the first time today. It didn't sound like a typical county song. It sounded like gospel. I turned the radio way up and sang outloud...I BELIEVE!!! I RAISE MY HANDS! I BOW MY HEAD! This song is stunning. So very beautiful. Thank you Brooks and Dunn. You can say this song played at a time I needed to hear it. I can hear your heart and soul, with no inhibition. I felt God from the beginning to the very last note of this song. I was hooked in. Then I googled Brooks and Dunn like a mad person, and to my dismay it said that they are breaking up. They seem to be in their prime. What a God given gift they have together. Chemistry at it's finest. Sad.

Very moving and comforting for my friend | Reviewer: Sylvia Almendarez | 10/9/07

My girlfriend lost her son on April 22,2007 and is having a hard time coping with the loss. When she hears songs like Believe it's a comfort to her because listening to the lyrics really hits home for her. Rather than dwell, it lifts her spirits and comforts her knowing she will see her son again one day. Thank you Brooks & Dunn for the comfort you give to so many people

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

I love the song. My grandpa died three years ago and his last words to me was to never lose my faith.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Mae | 4/3/07

I think Brooks & Dunn have outdone themselves on the song "Believe". It is so touching and moving, everytime I hear it it brings tears to my eyes it is so beautiful and amazing. Thank you Brooks & Dunn, you have done a marvelous job on this song.

One of the greatest songs EVER!! | Reviewer: MR WILLIE | 3/4/07

I really love the song "Believe" ... when I first heard it, I couldn't believe my ears ... since that moment, I have sang it over and over ... I actually sang the song in a karaoke contest and won 1st place ... if you really listen to the song, you cant help but shed a tear or two ... definitely deserving of all the awards it received

Believe | Reviewer: Jordan | 2/8/07

This is truely the greatest song that Brooks and Dunn have ever sang...Its not like other country songs.This song will never end to me.

Believe | Reviewer: Fay | 6/3/06

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to.....
very touching.

moving, touching, breath taking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/06

I LOVE this song. It is so moving. i cried when I heard it. It put a whole new meaning to country music and the name GOD

Love this song! | Reviewer: Mary | 3/2/06

I lost my Dad this past summer and this song makes me feel hopeful. I cry every time I hear it.

Outstanding! | Reviewer: Jessaka | 2/24/06

I had heard this song on my school bus and wasdeeply touched by it. When I got home I logged onto the computer to see the music video and it almost brought tears to my eyes.
True beauty in this song!

Perfect | Reviewer: Tom Mould | 11/26/05

Just by accident as I turned my radio dial today, I heard the song "Believe" by Brooks & Dunn. It was extremely moving. I jotted down a couple of things, drove home, logged on the computer and watched the video..It was outstanding!!! Great things will come from this song.

COMFORTING | Reviewer: S G NELMS | 10/5/05

I heard the sond yesterday for the first time on the way home from checking on a dying 85 years old friend. She is a retired Salvation Army Officer who has given her life serving God by ministering to and serving people. I know she belives and I know I belive, but to hear this song at that time was inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for a great new song!!!!

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