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Scorpions Believe In Love Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2011 11:00:00 AM

How does it fell babe
To taste sweet revenge
Do you want me on my knees
How does it feel babe
to let me feel your strength
Don't be cruel, can't you see
If you don't catch me now
I can't stop falling down
Just one more night and the devil's got my soul
I need your love babe don't tell me "no way"
Babe I miss you so much more than words can say

How does it feel babe
To kill our destiny
I swear I'm not gonna crawl oh no
How does it feel babe
To make a fool out of me
How can you be so cold
If you don't catch me now
I can't stop falling down
Just one more night and the devil's got my soul
I need your love babe don't treat me this way
Ooh I miss you, I miss you

Baby our love's got what it takes
To give us one more chance to start once again
Baby our love will find a way
As long as we believe in love

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Time @ paitence | Reviewer: scott | 10/15/11

Thanks for dragging your-self away from poor dieing Paul. What did he give you for your birthday, or did he send you out to get to get more SHIT. You really must stop disrespecting me like this.
Perhaps you'll have more respect if I see you in December.
Make an apointment or call for once.

BYE-Bye for now Baby have fun with your CONTROLER.

The Games you play | Reviewer: scott | 10/16/11

Thanks for popping in only to go back to your controling fool.
I like the way he sent you out to get him Crack.
The pussy thats always there isn't.
So you cuddle up and suck him or others off.
My paitence is almost up.
To make up you better give me three nights or drift permanatly. I've almost had it. How much further do you want to go


Your B-day | Reviewer: scott | 10/13/11

I know your B-day is Oct 15th 1969. You showed mw youeself and wrote it in my day book. See you then deanne.Hopefully you will not treat me like a Punk again.
Plan on doing something together, including Sex if your doing this in yourt best intrests

intrest | Reviewer: scott | 10/5/11

If your still interested in coming over for your birthday and thanksgiving.hopefully you'll have the energy after Puffing Paul. please let me know, phones are free leave a message. your presents waiting.And I'd LIke to have some actuall sex this time no more games.

You win | Reviewer: scott | 10/3/11

You win, kinda. I'm not ghoing to ask you to do anything at all anymore. Perhaps The Royal Winter Fair will not bring any more games into play. If you did,nt want sex that day you should have just talkeds to me. That's what normal people do.Come on your birthday to pick up you present or call and let me know when you dein to spend some time with me.