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Belief, makes things real.
Makes things feel, feel alright.
Belief, makes things true.
Things like you, you and I.

Tonight, you arrested my mind.
When you came to my defense.
With a knife in the shape of your mouth,
in the form of your body, with the wrath of a god.
Oh, you stood by me, Belief

Builds from scratch.
Doesn't have to relax, it doesn't need space.
Long live the queen and I'll be the king.
In the collar of grace.

Oh, tonight, you arrested my mind.
When you came to my defense.
With a knife in the shape of your mouth,
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in the form of your body, with the wrath of a god.
Oh, you stood by me, belief.

I'm gonna yell it from the rooftops.
I'll wear a sign on my chest.
That's the least I can do, it's the least I can do.

Tonight, you arrested my mind.
When you came to my defense.
With a knife, in the shape of your mouth,
in the form of your body, with the wrath of a god.
Oh, you stood by me.
And I'll stand by my belief.

I will stand by mine... x2


like you stood by me, I wil l stand by mine, stand by my belief...

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The phrasing and rhythm of Belief | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/12

While I agree in many different ways with the many ways you guys understand this song, I would like to add that what also captured me in this music is the phrasing and the rhythm, the melody. It evokes so many emotions in me making the lyrics even more moving than they already are.

I just stumbled on Gavin some 1 year back in iTunes. I have been a fan since. The first album I got of him was "Sweeter". Any other suggestions? :)

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Elena | 6/7/11

This song is full of Biblical references. The knife in the shape of a mouth is a biblical reference from Psalm 52. Grace is a constant Bible reference. I love "yell it from the rooftops" and "wear a sign on my chest", because it truely is "the least we can do" to praise God for HIS belief in us.

heartfelt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/10

I first heard this song in an AVP presentation. I immediately asked my seat mate what the title of the song is. There was something in this song that really touched me. Gavin DeGraw is really cool. :)

Poland loves Gavind DeGraw | Reviewer: Natalia | 3/18/10

you see, the best thing is that anyone can interprete this in their own way.
Personally, I love the phrase that
...she came to defence... with a knife in the shape of her mouth...
I interprete it that her lips were the weapon used against all the difficulties he has come across, and this weapon was used to defend him in the form of kiss...:-)

I love his Musk :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/10

This song is so Wonderful. Gavin DeGraw sings it so emotional and unique. His songs have their own style and fit only to him and no other.

I only have a problem! I want to have the album by Gavin DeGraw. Preferably, the very first! But I do not know where. Here in Germany there is not! Genuine annoying .. I thought it already download them all, but do not get them all. So I give it up now and download only the ones that I can download. Shit, but who cares. You can not go changing

Greetings to all who love Gavin DeGraw music!

love | Reviewer: junior | 11/14/09

This song wasn't a dancer solo on SYTYCD it was a vegas routine choregraphed by mia michaels and since then i couldn't stop daning to it.This song is amazing. I'm not sure if its a christian song but i still give props to Gavin.

powerful | Reviewer: robyn | 7/23/09

I too, first heard this song on So You Think You Can Dance. Dance is something I am extremely passionate about and it's songs like this that just move you to dance with that inner fire, to dance from the inside out. The message behind it could be taken as spiritual and I love that. Thank you Gavin for the great song!

belief | Reviewer: shelbystaygold | 6/28/09


I think this song is about being able to believe in someone and know that they will be there to defend you. If you believe that they are there you feel a lot better and assured. One night this person surprises you so much by coming to your defense in some sitch. You compare their mouth to a knife meaning they were telling off the person that hurt you. They showed a wrath like a god. They stood by you.

Your belief in this person was not an instant thing. It built from scratch. This belief is really something special to you and you want everyone to know you have someone by your side. You want to this person to know how much them sticking up for you meant. Telling the world is the least you can do.

I feel this way about my best friend. He is always there and he really amazes me when he there to help me get through all my tough times.

uplifting | Reviewer: bri | 6/11/09

like meg, i interpret this song to be christian. and if it is not, it holds meaning to me in a religious way anyways. i first heard this song on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and i thought it was beautiful. then i bought it on iTunes and looked up the lyrics. this song is so powerful to me. to me, this song says that when you believe, whether it is in something in the world, or in God, it is the best thing ever! beliefs give us something to hope for and to dream about. i love this song and i would like to give props to Gavin. im amazed...

Gavin's the best!!!! | Reviewer: Miguel | 11/16/07

Hey I'm from Argentina too, and I know him, and I love his music... He's my favourite artist now!!! I think I'm the only one on my city that knows him, and peoples that listens to him loves him!

remember. | Reviewer: nathalie | 11/9/07

can you remember what day it was, the day you first heard this song? Can you remember what the air tasted? Or where you were? Who you were with? If you can, you know what kinda feeling I'm talkin' about.

This really is a SONG | Reviewer: German | 9/26/07

I heard Gavin for the first time in One Tree Hill of course. Unfortunely here in Argenitna Gavin is not very popular but I didn't give up that easy. A friend of mine was on USA so I called him and told him to buy Gavin's CD. Now I got the original. I just wanna say that he's a great musician and that I admire what he does!

tv show | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/07

this was on the show So you think you can dance. one of the dancers did a solo to it and he was amazing!

Is this song a Christian song? | Reviewer: meg | 3/12/07

I'm not completely this song meant to be christian, or could it just also be interpreted that way/ he is just expressing the power of belief?

It's an awesome song...

i think i'm in love..... | Reviewer: amber m m | 3/7/06

this song was one i found on a random mix cd i made of tv music. i'm not even sure which show it was on, but anyway...i heard it once and i couldn't stop listening to it. everything about the song is just passionate and beautiful and sensual and heartfelt...i LOVE the piano in the back!! this is my new favorite song : )

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